Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stripe bedroom chair

This was for a client in Park City...she had a pair of these chairs that she was using in separate bedrooms. She decided to make 3 covers total, so she could switch them out. She did a white one and a red pinstripe one that I'll show off later. The third one she did was this red/blue/white/ tan stripe.

Before....old chairs from her mother in law, but the perfect shape and size. Small and petite and can snuggle into any corner.

After....Love the way it turned out, please don't mind the wrinkles.... I have to fold them up and put them in bags while transporting, so the wrinkles will fall out over the next day or two.

Front view.

I did piping on the inside arm seam just to make it look more finished....and then I did a kiss pleat on the top corner of the chair. I do this when the corner is more rounded than square.

Side of chair

Side Note ---- I ran the Grand Teton Relay a few weekends ago...the whole family came and we stayed at my running partner's in-laws cabin in Island Park. Her whole family came too. We got there a day early and floated the river on a raft. 3-4 hours is a long time to be in a confined space with 5 kids who got bored after the first 45 minutes. Luckily we found a rope swing a few hours into it and the kids played on it for awhile.

Here's my family out in front of the raft rental place.

The next day was "race" day. The husbands and kids came to cheer for us along the course...pom poms and all. I even taught them how to yell, "GO RUNNNNNNER!" a few nights before. Luke had it down. Now when we are driving around town, they roll down their windows and cheer for random runners on the road.

The kids came to get a snuggle after my first leg was over. It was 7.4 miles and the last 2.5-3 miles were a serious uphill. I still managed to average 9:30 per mile. Logan (my oldest) even got out and ran with me for a little while....until he tripped on some gravel and skinned his knee.

Here is Camille, me, and race buddies. I think we've done about 8 races together. We are at the Grand Targhee Ski resort and it's about 7 am and we are getting ready to run our third leg. We had already been on the course almost 24 hours at this point, we slept in the van, because it was too cold to get out.
Here we are...April is getting ready to run her last leg. My last leg was 3.2 miles and I managed to average 8:25 min. per mile and I passed a guy! My only roadkill for the whole race. There were only 46 teams total, because it was the first year. So we didn't see many people out on the course during our runs. Oh yes and we were 3rd to last place! Although to make ourselves feel better...some volunteers did tell us that some teams skipped some of their night runs because they were too scared to run through trees on trails.



Slipcover Chic said...

Love the chair. Great matching of the stripes and the kiss pleat is adorable.... only you could think of that. Then I read down about the race and got tired!! You go girl.

AutumnLaine said...

great job Shelley I love the red piping