Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black Wingback and Ottoman

My client decided to switch it up and go a bit more sophisticated. She was done with the plaid.


Chair---AFTER black textured fabric with tan piping

We decided it would be best to keep the legs showing and add a wood element.


My sliding barn door finally got installed!!! Kong Sheds has great barn door hardware at a reasonable price ($160) and installed for $120. It turned out BEAUTIFUL! The cheapest hardware I could find online was $360.  This door way does into my new work studio.

My youngest is always designing things for me to make for him. He drew this out on paper and cut out all the pieces and had me sew him a new pillow case (he didn't think the button eyes would be uncomfortable while he slept...ok)

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Cassi said...

You have skills, girl! I love the clean, sharp lines on this wing back.