Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ruffled Fabric

So today has been a lazy day...cleaned out my closet, made cookies, debated about buying a leather sectional (talked myself out of it)....we need to put a new roof on the cabin as soon as the snow melts, so I figured I'd better save my money.

I've also debated about going running in the snow, I almost talked myself into it...but here I am on the computer still in my pajamas at 5:30pm and I've been looking around in blog land at different sewing blogs. I just came across this amazing is layers of ruffles already sewn for you!!!! Here is the link of where you can buy it ruffled fabric. It's about $15-$18/yd. It's sewn on knit backing

Just imagine...pillows, bedskirt, shower curtain, a skirt/ dress for me, etc. and how fast would it be!!! The ruffles are already done for you! They have 2" ruffles down to mini ruffles that look like 3/4".

Image of Smoke 2 Inch Ruffle Fabric

Image of Yellow Cascading Ruffle Fabric

Image of Ivory 2 Inch Ruffle Fabric

Image of "Tuxedo" Pin Dot Cascading Ruffle Fabric - back in stock in May!

Image of Smoke 2 Inch Ruffle Fabric



Sabra said...

Thanks for the shout out on the boxers! And that ruffled fabric has been on my love-list for months. I just need to come up with the perfect project to justify the cost. So fun, though!

Shelley said...


What a great idea for the t-shirts turned boxers! I never would have thought about that!

And, thank you for stopping by and leaving your nice comment :D BTW, the ruffle chevron pillow you mentioned liking is part of my 1st giveaway! I'd love for you to stop back by and enter in for a chance to win it and some other fun stuff!


janet said...

Hello Shelley,
Pre ruffled fabric!!!!! What will they think of next?

Love the new blog header.

Janet xox