Friday, April 1, 2011

DVD WINNER and a Testimonial

The winner of my slipcover DVD giveaway is "The Monsons"...please email me your address so I can get it shipped off to you. Thanks everyone for "liking" my crazy Ragnar pic on facebook!!!

My youngest broke into our "race bin" the other night and outfitted himself with a headlamp and flashing glasses. He says in 5 years when he's 11, he's going to run a race with us! Then me and all my kids competed on the treadmill to see who could run a mile the fastest. My ten yr. old beat me by 1 second!!!

OPened my email this morning and was happy to get such a NICE email and testimonial! It always makes my day!

Got my Slipcovers by Shelley DVD and have watched the entire video a couple times. I just have to say: Girl, you R-O-C-K rock!! I'm an intermediate-level sewer and have a sofa that needs a slipcover. I've been putting it off because it is a big project to tackle for my first slip cover, and I was looking for those tips of the trade that are so hard to find in how-to books. Well you certainly provided all the shortcuts and tips! I was able to easily follow your train of thought and understand the steps as you showed them. You make it look so easy! I can't wait to jump in and start cutting and sewing. I've got some other projects in mind as well and I'm so excited about my new-found knowledge. I'm sure I'll be slip covering everything that isn't nailed down in no time! Thank you so much for making this video and for sharing your knowledge and talent with the rest of us!! It was worth every penny.

- Trish in Minneapolis



Emily @ RemarkableHome said...

Do you slipcover sofas in Las Vegas? I have a sofa and loveseat that have slipcovers that i hate. I want new ones but i don't want to make them!

Brian and Katie said...

I have the same question... I live in Vegas?? What are your prices??