Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some more DVD tesitmonials

Here are some more emails I've received lately about my "How To Slipcover" DVD. I always love to hear back and see pictures of what everyone's done!

I recieved this email this morning from  Janet at The Empty Nest Blog. I was a little surprised to hear from her already because she just finished her first chair a few days ago, and now she has already finished her SECOND chair! I am so proud of her! She did such a great job! She used a drop cloth for her fabric.

Morning Shelley,
I just tackled my first Wingback!!!! I love the results..thanks for your DVD!!
janet xox
I'm addicted!

Hi Shelley:
 Just received your DVD and love it! Lots of great tips - you make it look so easy. I  just recently made a slipcover for a chair my daughter had - turned out pretty good but now I can't wait to try another using some of your techniques

Hi Shelley!
Hope you are doing well! I always love stopping by your is so inspiring!
I am doing well. Ruffled Linens on etsy is going well. I seem to stay booked about 2 weeks out. We just moved to Birmingham, so I am trying to get my name out for slipcovering...I have done a couple of pieces here. I have learned so much about myself during this whole business venture!

Your resources have been so helpful in getting my business started. Joe from Wherehouse fabrics and I chat a lot. I have ordered over 600 yards of linen so far (that is a lot for me!)...I can't match the price anywhere...

Just wanted to say hey and thanks again for your resources...they have been so invaluable to helping get my sewing business going.

With many many thanks!!

This is one of Christiana's listings on have to go check out her shop...she has some amazing tablecloths, curtains, pillows etc...almost all out of linen.

REMEMEBER when you purchase my DVD I send you my supplier list. Many of my suppliers are "mom and pop" type shops and aren't online. I give you my suppliers for linen, custom down cushions, piping, and zippers.

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janet said...

Morning Shelley,

Thanks for the lovely feature and YES...I am still addicted!! Your video Rocks ;->

Janet xox

PS....headed to Salvation Macy's for another chair!

Virginia Living said...

Hi Shelly,

Just curious when you do a wing chair do you do a seam in between the front/back and the "wing"?


Slipcovers by Shelley said...

Virginia Living...yes to your question...if I am understanding right. You'll have several different pieces...1)outside back 2)inside back 3)inside wing 4)outside wind 5)outside arm...which is under the outside wing 6)inside arm 7)front of arm. All of these parts are connected with seams.