Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cream Duck Cloth Slipcovers

This client had a room full of darling antique furniture, that she was covering up with quilts. Some of the pieces were quite worn, and she wanted to protect them from getting worse with her cats. She picked up 30 yds of cream duck cloth from Walmart for $5/yd and prewashed it all. Then I came and fit the couch and picked up the two chairs.

1st chair BEFORE. I loved all the wood work on this chair. The fabric was quite worn and thread bare in spots.

Chair #2 BEFORE. Darling wood legs.


Couch and Chair #1 AFTER. I did a pleat skirt on the couch that goes all one way, and I was able to leave an opening to show off the wood arms on the chair. We chose to do no skirt on the chair and show off the legs.

Close up of Chair #1 exposing the wood arm (piped the opening) and the wood legs.
AFTER chair #1. I just ended the slipcover with piping and no skirt.

AFTER Chair #2. We chose to do a short pleat skirt that pleats all one way. This gives you a similar look to boxpleating all the way around, but it takes alot less time. Therefore less labor cost.

Close up of pleat skirt all one way. We left it a little off the floor to show the nubby feet.

My boys were sweet this morning and unhooked my trailer and unloaded my whole car from my appointments out yesterday. They didn't want to ride their bikes to school today, and I told them I couldn't take them because the trailer was still hooked up and my car was full of fabric/cushions/ottomans etc. I've never seem them work so fast! 

2 comments: said...

Wow. What a great look on everything. I never cease to be amazed by what a transformation slipcovers make. I adore the skirts. Bravo! :)

janet said...

Hello Shelley,

So impressed!!!

Every piece turned out beautifully. Your DVD has been so helpful to me as I attempt my very first slipcover

your friend,
Janet xox