Friday, April 22, 2011

White Denim Wingback chair

I love the before and after on this one....HUGE transformation!

Before dated old wingback in some type of velour/velvet client's husband loves this chair and sits in it all the time. The old cushion's foam was pretty old, so we ordered a down envelope and slid the existing foam in it. So the cushion went from 3" thick to 5" thick. I thought the squishy thicker cushion helped to bring this chair up to date.

After.... she chose a white denim fabric, and we did a 3/4 length skirt to let the bottom of the legs show. She's planning on refinishing the legs.

Close up of wing.

Close up of inside arm...and those "telephone" least that's what I call them.

Outside wing.


Side Note-- took the boys to Vegas for spring break. We went and checked out the Hoover Dam, swam at the pool, and went on a short hike at Red Rock.

Here we are at the Hoover Dam...pretty cool, the boys loved it. We went early, because the pool didn't open till 10 am. We decided we couldn't happily hold the boys off for two hours, so we headed to the dam.

Here are my three boys at Red Rock hiking and climbing on all the big rocks.

Three days after we got home Heber went in to get his knees scoped (they have still been hurting him a bunch since he had his ACL replaced last August). So now he is recovering and limping around. He can no longer do any of the races with me...he's pretty bummed. Me too, but he is going to come and be our driver for Wasatch Back in June.



Pine Tree Home said...

I like the white denim. I bet over time it gets real soft. Hubs and I went to Red Rock a few years ago and enjoyed it a lot. He decided to run it and boy did it kick his butt.

janet said...

Hello Shelley,

I love your work...pure artistry!

I am working on my very first 'real' fabric slipcover on a Salvation Macy's chair. I'll show it off soon.
I have to rewatch your video and attempt a zipper..wish me luck!

janet xox

Fabulous vacation!!

Wendy C said...

Hi Shelley,
This chair is gorgeous & well crafted & as I looking at some white denim to cover a chair, this post couldn't have come at a better time.
We were in LV last November & went to the Grand Canyon which is spectacular & certainly (imo) on the wonders of the world.
I read your work from Australia & wish I lived nearby!

CJ/Rick said...

Your energy level and talent is admirable. Great slipcovers and vacation time too. Good for you!

MaryJo Barringer said...

Do you make slipcovers? I need one just like this