Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oversized Chair and Some DVD Testimonials

This chair was for a client...she wanted a change, something more simple. She bought some dropcloths from a specialty paint store. They didn't look like any dropcloth I had ever seen, they were more like a poplin instead of chunky woven canvas. They worked out great.


After...done up in a cream poplin type dropcloth with a gathered skirt.

Another after

Close up to show the back

Front of the arm.

*SOME "How to Slipcover DVD" Testimonials that I have received lately*

#1 Cassi over at Something for the Road just finished making this slipcover after watching my "How to Slipcover DVD". I am so looks GREAT!


#2 Rachel over at The Life and Times of a World Traveler just finished her first slipcover with the help of my DVD. She did great on her first slipcover ever! The second one always comes a lot easier. After my first... I said, I'd never do another...hahaha...that's funny now huh?

#3...from Maria

I was so excited to get your DVD, and can't wait to start sewing slipcovers for my wingback chairs. Your DVD is great! It's given me the confidence to sew my own...feels like I've opened a window to a whole new sewing adventure!

Side Note-- #1 Just got back from my family reunion at Bear Lake...we had some good times on the Lake and at the indoor pool. The fireworks over the lake were pretty great too. Then at 6:30am this morning we drove straight from Bear Lake to Heber's Grandmas 98th birthday party which was 4.5 hrs away. Now I am home returning emails and checking all my messages.

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lori said...

I ordered your DVD in April and just finished my the slipcover for my giant sectional! I'll have to send you a picture too.