Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pricing, Yardage, & Basic Info

Custom Slipcovers by Shelley is a unique alternative to reupholstery, which gives you the ability to wash or dryclean your couch or chair. It also allows you to change your decor easily and to update old pieces that you love. With great attention to detail and a designer look, the finished product fits like a glove.

This is a base price list-- extra detail is more (labor only-- pillow inserts are extra)
*Yardage-- you will need a little extra if there is a large repeat (Large floral or plaid).

Tight Back (no loose back cushions)

Chair $225 (8 yards)
Loveseat $280 (12 yards)
Couch $320 (15-16 yards)
Ottoman $75 (3-4 yards)
Loose Back Cushions-- Add $20 each to base price (about 1 yard extra per cushion)
Pillow with piping $15 (labor only)
Pillow with ruffle $20
Duvet $125 (6 yards per side for King and Queen)
Bedskirt $75
Pillow Sham $25
Baby Bumpers $60 labor with ribbon ties, $80 labor with fabric ties (foam insert add $30, Down insert add $78)

DOWN FORMS (INSERTS) 95/5 Duck down
20x20 $14
22x22 $17
24x24 $22
27x27 $25
30x30 $28
14x20 $13
14x27 $13
18x27 $17

The best fabrics for slipcovers are the following denim, canvas, duck cloth, twill, linen, cotton, jaquard, matelesse--- Chenilles and Velvets get a little too thick and don't drape as well.

You have two options to clean your slipcovers--

1.) If you prewash your fabric, you can throw it in the wash when it gets soiled. To prewash cut your fabric in about 8-10 yard pieces and wash in hot water with double fabric softener and no detergent. Dry on hot you will have to open and untangle your fabric periodically--- as soon as it is done take it out and fold to eliminate most wrinkling. If you are worried about bleeding wash in cold. Once the slipcover is made you will wash in cold and dry on low. (You want to get maximum shrinkage out before the slipcover is made)

*Prewashing will change the texture and look of your fabric-- try a test piece (1/4 yard) and see how it looks if you are unsure if you want to wash your fabric

2.) Dry Clean only--- make sure your drycleaner doesn't use any heat-- otherwise shrinkage will occur.


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