Slipcover Process

I can only do local work to SLC, UT.

1. Contact me to get on my wait list and figure out yardage- I am usually 8-10 weeks out.
2. Purchase your fabric
3. Contact me once you have purchased your I know you are ready
4. Prewash your fabric in 6-8 yd increments in hot water and dry on high. Promptly remove from dryer and fold to eliminate wrinkles. Some fabrics can't be washed (you can always wash a test strip to see how it turns out). If you don't prewash your fabric beforehand your slipcovers will be dry-clean only.
5. I will schedule your pick up (chairs) or on site fitting (couch). Fittings take about 2 hours per item. Or you are always welcome to bring your items to me.
6. Once I have your item turnaround time is usually 3 weeks.
7. I will bring back and put on your slipcovers and snap a few pics for my blog.

My favorite fabric sources

1. Home Fabrics 7200 S. and State in SLC, Ut

2. Home Fabrics University Pkwy and State in Orem, Ut (Mention "slipcovers by Shelley" at this location and receive 20% off regular priced fabric!

These Home Fabrics locations carry completely different check both if you can't find what you like at one of them. These stores are the best priced around... (Most stuff averages $6-$7/yd)

3. --free shipping over $35 order. Free return shipping. Great prices!

4. JOanns--don't forget to use a 40% off coupon---good for entire yardage (one cut)

5. The Design Company- 2253 S. 500E. SLC, Ut. HUGE SELECTION....a bit more pricey, but awesome stuff. They have a great step down sale twice a year (usually January and June). Starts at $9/yd, then the next week is $7/yd, $5/yd, and $3/yd.

6. order ships for $5. They sell samples for $1 (includes shipping)

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