Friday, January 25, 2013

Nursery Rocker Chair

Rocker---BEFORE--my client picked up this chair off for $30 for her nursery.  We didn't worry about the chewed up arm, since the fabric layed smoothly right over the top.

Rocker--AFTER--she got this great bold purple print and prewashed it.

She wanted to do a skirt, because the way the rockers stuck out front---our only option was a gathered skirt. I loved the way it turned out.

And of course there was some matching involved! Funny thing is I saw an upholstered chair done out of this fabric at a clients house about a year ago and remember thinking in my head....glad I didn't have to match that one up!

It actually was easier to match up than I thought it would've been.

How cute are those curtains!!!!  How fun to decorate a girl nursery!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Menswear Plaid slipcovers

These slipcovers were for a neighborhood friend that is a midwife. She is setting up a birthing suite for her business. The red couches weren't working for her, so we headed to the fabric store to pick out fabric. I LOVE the fabric store!


 COUCHES---AFTER--She wanted something cozy, but fresh and updated. We found this great menswear type plaid.

They only had 29 yds left of the plaid (I wanted 34 yds)--so we chose a solid light blue for the piping. Ideally I wanted 30 yds without the piping, but I thought I could make it work.  It was TIGHT!!! I was still able to match all the vertical stripes and most of the horizontal.

I did use duck cloth on the decking to save fabric. I also had to use it on the zipper section of the seat cushions (it doesn't show)---There was nothing left!

The chair we chose this great textured cream chenille fabric---so soft and cozy and inviting!

Oops---I just realized the right cushion needs to be flipped over so the horizontal stripes on the front of the cushion line up.

She was still working on some painting when I brought these back. Look how cute those kitchen chairs and table are going to be.

What a great place to come for prenatal care appts!

Side Note--

--Heading to Maui in a 10 days!!! Can't wait to feel the sun again.

--Marathon training is going good--- our long run next week is supposed to be 11 miles...hopefullly it warms up a bit!

--Work studio is coming along...insulation is done, and sheet rock is being hung today! I picked out flooring yesterday and it's being delivered today!! I chose a gray tone handscraped's Beautiful!!! Now I want to put it in the rest of my house!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pair of Matelesse chairs

My client was having a big holiday party at her it was crunch time. Her husband said she couldn't have people over with their torn, faded slipcovers. I was able to squeeze her in and get them done.

Slipcover--BEFORE--- she has had these for about 12 years and the arms had taken a beating....threadbare and faded and torn.

 SLIPCOVER--AFTER---she got a great Matelesse fabric that will hold up over the years.

She was concerned about the back getting worn and dirty I made a topper out of the tan toile.

The linen gingham skirt ties in the topper. We also did gingham on one side of the cushion--so she can flip it.

She also had me make arm pads to help with the wear on the arms. We laughed when I brought it back...because basically we made slipcovers (topper and arm pads) for the slipcover. Hopefully this will help with high traffic that this room gets.


#1--I submitted a "we paid cash story" about our new car to Money Saving Mommy and she featured it this past week! 

Besides sewing...saving $ and being debt free is my other passion. Everyone always asks how I do's my advice--maintain the same lifestyle...when you get a raise or bonus--put that $ towards something specific (loan, cc debt, savings, etc.) , don't absorb it and "spend what you make".  Yes we can probably afford a bigger house than the one we bought 13 years ago---but we do we NEED it? Nope---all my boys keep migrating back to sleeping all in the same room anyways. I choose not to afford lots of things---just because you can afford something doesn't mean you should.

 I always pack a lunch, buy most stuff used, freeze milk and bread (eliminates unnecessary trips to store), make dinners from scratch, use snowball effect when paying off debt, set goals, stay focused, make lists, use, reammoratize (calculators online) every month when paying off large loans to see progress, pay off credit card in full every month, set up separate savings accounts for car, house, vacation, etc---that way the money's there if something goes wrong and you don't go into debt for emergencies or trips... I LIKE TRIPS.

Just yesterday--I headed to DI (thrift store) to pick up my son some church shoes...his other's are too small.  Got a pair of hardly worn ones for $6, then grabbed three pairs of Old Navy Jeans there as well for the boys next size for $6/ pair. I try to buy ahead of time when I find things for cheap. I figured a new pair of church shoes would've cost about $25....but I got the shoes and 3 pairs of jeans for the same price.

#2--My work Studio is coming along....We just had our first inspection (4-way). So the electrical, framing, and ductwork are done. This week is insulation. Then the following week is sheetrock---if I can get any of these contractors to call me back with a bid. Spent and hour or so checking out flooring last night at Home Depot.

#3--Our youngest son was baptized about a month ago before the holidays. He is very picky about what he this was exciting for me to see all my boys in suits!  Love how handsome they all look. That morning, I went downstairs to help him get dressed and I found my oldest had already gotten him to put on the suit and was helping him put on his tie....tears to my eyes! What a sweet moment! I love when they are being sweet and not pounding on each other!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sunroom Slipcovers

To help you get your house put back together and freshen up your decor after the holidays!

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I did this set of chairs for a darling grandma in Sugarhouse. She was so appreciative and grateful, she sent me home with a bag of homemade caramels. My boys loved them!

CHAIR #1--BEFORE---english rolled arm, my favorite. Faded, tired, and scratched up from the cat.

CHAIR #2-- BEFORE---faded, worn, and she removed the skirt because the cat had gotten to it.

 Chair #2-- AFTER--- great green/ cream check with skirt. I had enough fabric to self line the skirt.

Chair #1--AFTER---loved this fabric, oatmeal background with cute green floral. It washed up great. Did 1 1/2" blind hem on the skirt. Just a bit of matching :)....barely had enough fabric to center the floral on the throw pillow. She ordered 17 yds of this fabric which had a 27" repeat.

She wants to do her couch next and switch out the know how it goes- you change one thing and then it's a domino effect.

I like the eclectic look of these two chairs together....

SIDE NOTES----Lots going on in December...took about 3 weeks off work and started on our new garage and work room. We also spent Christmas week at a beach house in Southern California.

BEFORE---- had to remove fence, some concrete, and huge willow tree

DURING---Concrete pad was poured, and somehow I managed to do some man work and dismantled and removed the garage door----which I sold on I was pretty proud of myself.

AFTER---new garage went up in a day! A-shed built it. Then they came two days later and installed the garage door and electrical and rain gutters. Super impressed!

Here's my dad, he came to help for a day to help frame new wall in the old garage for my new WORK STUDIO!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. I have decorated it in my head 100 times!

I ended up going with a set of french doors that both open---Furniture go be loaded straight more hauling chairs through the house, down the hall, and down the stairs to my basement work room. We still need to have someone come stucco around the doors.

Inside of french doors

Here's the inside---can't wait to make curtains for those windows. I will have 500 sq. ft!

SIDE NOTE- #2 Christmas week was magical! We stayed at a beach house on the sand with it's own private beach and hot tub. It was on beach road in Capistano Beach, Ca. My sister and her family came as the kids had a great time with their cousins.

I don't think I've ever done almost nothing for 7 nights-- we had no plans, just hang out at the beach house.

We went on walks, read books, hot tubbed 5 times a day, went to the thrift store, cooked, made cinnamon rolls, checked out the tide pools, watched the dolphins in the surf. We even saw a whale spout right in the breakers! I LOVED IT!!!!

The kids loved looking for cool moon rocks and sea glass.

 We even got a few really sunny are all my boys soaking up the sun on our last day.

 This was our view every night! Magic, I tell you!

 The boys even ventured out and paddle boarded one day.

 HEAVEN---this was our view after getting out of the car after driving for 10 hours. Blue skies, sunny, 60 degrees---compared to our 25 degrees at home.

 We even had our own fire pit on the sand---made smores and hot dogs a few nights.

 Boys enjoyed the tide pools too!

 When we got there,  I told Heber to get ready to fall in love again....I have loved the beach since I was a little girl growing up in Southern Cal. Super romantic!

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