Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun Room Slipcovers


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My client had bought some great furniture for her sunroom...and then realized she had made a huge mistake. It was too dark and not the bright airy feel she decided she wanted.

Sunroom-- BEFORE

Sunroom--AFTER she bought some quilted cream fabric for the couch and and some cream cotton canvas for the chairs.

We used the quilted fabric for the couch but used the chair fabric for the piping. It would have been painfully thick to use the same fabric for the piping. The quilted fabric had batting quilted to it on the back side.

The yellow pillow on the couch from Pottery Barn was her inspiration for the buttons on the back of the chairs.

Canvas piping on the couch.

Large 2" coconut buttons with loops.

This sunroom...turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Side Note--- Huge projects at the cabin this weekend! Heber removed the outside staircase a few weeks ago. This weekend we are finishing the lower deck and putting a new handrail on the deck. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Camille's Sectional

Camille ---my running partner has been wanting a turquoise sectional. So her husband scoured and found this 2 piece sectional for a little over $100. We then ordered 35 yds of fabric off

Sectional--BEFORE ---brown chenille type fabric

First AFTER--- we thought her current pillows would match and work GREAT! Turned out...not so much. It just wasn't quite the "WOW" factor we were expecting after all the hard work of slipcovering the sectional.

SECOND AFTER--- We toned it down with gray and white. The orange and yellows and bright turquoise were too much together and not "sophisticated". It felt like a bright teenagers room.

Although Camille is 10 years younger than still wasn't working. hahaha! She'll love that comment!

I found this great gray/cream print on for the curtains. I actually ordered it for my curtains and it didn't work out, so Camille and I traded her solid gray linen curtains for this fabric.

She got her white pillows from Ikea and I had made the gray stripe pillow for her front room awhile back.

Look how much better this works than the orange and yellow!

I believe we have now finished every room in Camille's house including her front room, her Master bedroom, and her daughter's room and now her family room!

Side Note--- We are getting ready for our next big project at the cabin over memorial weekend. We are removing the outside staircase and building steps with railroad ties into the hillside. We are also finishing handrail on the deck.

Stair case.

The boys were helping to remove large rocks to widen the area for the railroad ties. It's crazy to see that my 3 little boys are big enough to help, they are going to be teenagers before I know it! Then maybe they can load up my trailer for me and haul chairs down to my work room! That will be an exciting day!


Friday, May 11, 2012

"Pillow Talk" ebook--Sew Pillows with Piping and a ZIPPER!

Well I decided to write this ebook after I realized how many people were intimidated by zippers! I promise they are ten times faster than hand sewing a pillow shut, and look a million times better than machine sewing them shut....and you can remove the covers and wash them! Oh yes and did I mention they are also ten times faster than a flap opening on the back. Have I convinced you yet?

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Here is the cover of my ebook! "Pillow Talk"-- Sew pillows with piping and a zipper includes 22 pages of step by step instructions with pictures and tips. I also include a source page for down inserts, bulk piping, and zippers.

This ebook has a tutorial for five different styles of pillows all with zipper openings!
1. knife edge
2. piping pillow
3. ruffle pillow
4. mitered pillow
5. bolster pillow

Here is a sample page from the ebook....

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Pillows are HUGE for me! They FINISH off a room, they add color and interest, and comfort to any room. You can also update or change the whole feel of your room....just by switching out your pillows (which is easy if they have zippers).

The following are some examples of how I have utilized pillows in my own home or clients homes

Ida's cream loveseat slipcover looks great with some funky pillows! They make the room!

My Bedroom.

My front room--- This room wouldn't be the same without the pillows! I got my pop of green on the couch.

My sisters family room

April's master bedroom...

We've all seen white slipcovers a bazillion times....but the pillows are what makes it!

With my "Pillow Talk" ebook, you will master the art of zippers and pillow making! Purchase for $20 and download instantly!

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Side Note-
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Monday, May 7, 2012

White Camel Back Couch

Heather loves white slipcovers! She ordered a new couch, knowing she was going to have it slipcovered. I have done many slipcovers for Heather over the past 10 years....most of them white.

Here was her couch BEFORE....beautiful light blue, but she wanted to slipcover it to also protect it from her kids.

Couch---AFTER....she wanted to keep the same lines with no skirt.


 Front of arm

The blue pillows worked great on the white slipcover.

Here is the couch in her room...with two other chairs that I slipcovered for her last year.

I love the book cases and chandelier and her antique vibe.

Here are her two chairs that I slipcovered last fall. Now the room is complete!