Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bergere Chairs--exposed wood

My client dropped these chairs off, and I couldn't contain my excitement! They were a sage green with exposed wood and crazy beautiful lines! She wanted to keep the lines as clean as possible and not frilly, and if possible wanted to show off the vertical wood bar on the outside back.


CHAIRS--AFTER--she used a white twill that formed and shaped perfectly on all the curves.

 The outside back was a little tricky--I sewed a panel on the left side with the piping then fed it behind the wood and used velcro to close the opening. (White's hard to see). Somehow every wrinkle shows up in pics--it looked way better in person. Of course she prewashed her fabric, so she can wash the slipcovers.

The second side of velcro was sewn onto the seam allowance behind the piping on the right.

How beautiful is that! I was so happy that it turned out how I thought it should in my head.

She wanted to do peekaboo holes on the arms to show off some more wood. Of course I did piping down the inside arm seam to finish it off and make it look more tailored.

 I did a band around the front edge to hug the curve better.


-My next race is in October....a day relay in Park City---hopefully there's not snow! We all run twice, 65 miles total with a 6 man team.

-Working on a "Travel for Cheap" post---I started it yesterday, but it's super rambly---I need to edit and add some photos, to get you excited! I know it's no fun to read a long post with no pics!

-I am adjusting back to the new schedule with school and kids homework---we'll see how I fare this year with 8th grade advanced math!

-I am booking into November right now---Don't forget, I always take December off! So if there's something you need, make sure and email me to get on my list sooner rather than later!



Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Couches

My client wanted to make her room less "formal"---she said no one ever goes in this room, because they are afraid to sit on the white couches. She wants the room to be used and lived in.


 COUCHES--AFTER--She went with a great tan/gold solid that had a chunky linen weave look to it.

 I did 1.5" blind hem on the skirt

 She was still in the process of picking out new pillow fabrics to make the room less "formal"-- But I think they still look great with the old pillows.

The back cushions were attached--so I cut them off and covered them separately.

SIDE NOTE#1---Anniversary date was GREAT! We got to rapel down Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.
 Here I am coming down....

Suited up and ready to go!

SIDE NOTE#2--I've been thinking about my next project for the house. I want to take out the wall to the right of the front door and open up that corner. There's a spare bedroom behind that wall now, and that's where I want to put the office. I also want to remove the carpet from the stairs and do wood stairs and a double hand rail with Craftsman style newel posts.

Here's my inspiration pic for the stairs and newell posts. This pic is from Remodelaholic Blog. She shares how they did it.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blue Diamond Chenille Chairs

These chairs were for a master bedroom. My client is a designer and wanted to switch things up in his master bedroom. He loves fabric as much as I do, and was super fun to work with! I was tempted to leave his neighbors fitting to join them on an outing to the fabric store. I just finished his parson chairs a few weeks ago for his basement.

 Chairs--BEFORE---beautiful, but ready for something different.


Blue Diamond Chenille--matched up all those diamond at the top of the skirt and cushion

 I did a 1.5" blind hem on the skirt--the fabric was pretty thick and had a backing on it. It laid better than what I was expecting.

I always like to run piping down the inside arm on scrolled back chairs--just finishes it off a bit more

Such a beautiful room!

Side Note---Today we are heading out on our anniversary date! 16 YEARS!!! We are heading to the cabin for the night and then going on a hike and waterfall rapel at Bridal Veil Falls. 


 One of my favorite pics of us!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parson Chairs

Oh my goodness...It's been awhile! I haven't been able to keep up this summer! Here are some parson chairs I did back in June for a client. He had 8 of them, and I absolutely loved his fabric!!!

Parson chairs---BEFORE---great wood legs and shape, he was just tired of the fabric.


Matching on the inside seat seam.

I topstitched the seat seam for extra strength.

I also topstitched the front corners, since the tapered so much onto the top of the seat. I wanted them to lay smooth.

They definitely added a pop to his basement!

SIDE NOTE....This has been my summer! Even though I am exhausted every day, I love my crazy boys and all their friends! Here are some photos of my summer!

Clipper hair cuts---trash bags, goggles, and robes do wonders for not getting itchy!

Zipline in the front yard--installed by the boys and their friends!

Paddle boarding with my man at my family reunion. If you are local to SLC, UT you can rent paddle boards from

 Luke jumping in the kayak solo and paddling around the lake like a big boy!
Old fashioned pic of my kids and their cousins at my family reunion.

Carter jumping off rocks at Lake Utica

Swimming through caves with my boys in Northern Cal.

Boogie boarding with all my friends at Carlsbad State Beach.

Heber finding crabs and an octopus at Carlsbad State Beach.

Our annual family pic at the top of the stairs at Carlsbad State Beach. Another year or two and the boys may be taller than me!

Ran Wasatch Back in June on the Scheels Team.

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