Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Geometric Chair

 Muslin chair---BEFORE

Chair--AFTER--- Navy blue geometric barkcloth print. She got this fabric from www.fabric.com.  I loved this bold print and the fabric was great to work with.

Piping up and along the outside arms and back and along the bottom edge.

We kept the clean lines and did no skirt.

I was able to work this client into my schedule before she moved to California!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

MaryLu's tan linen slipcovers

BEFORE--- Muslin covered furniture...ready for some slipcovers

AFTER-- Tan linen slipcovers for all the main bodies and seat cushions. She wanted the ottoman to be a statement with a  few purple pillows spread around the room. Easily changeable in a few years or with the seasons.

Chair--AFTER with purple pillow, matelesse pillow, and a ruffled accent pillow.

AFTER-- whole room....LOVE IT! She had some wingback chairs reupholstered in the ottoman fabric for the kitchen table.

Pillows had some texture--

Gathered skirts for all the slipcovers.

SIDE NOTE #1--- Another Slipcover DVD testimonial! I love testimonials!

Hi!  This is Amber.  I bought your DVD several months ago and finally put it to use.  I just finished a couch (as my first project!) this week and am very pleased.  I put the word out that I would make these for people and had quite a few people respond!  Exciting! Thanks so much for your DVD!  

SIDE NOTE #2-- Just got back from our annual camping trip at Carlsbad State Beach in California. I haven't downloaded my camera yet...but here are a few photos from Heber's phone. We had a great time!

 La Jolla tide pools.

 Amazing sunset one night.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Nursery Chair

First off Holly over at BITS OF EVERYTHING is hosting a giveaway for my Pillow Talk- ebook. Head on over and check it out. I gave her a copy of the book and she made all 5 pillows that I demoed in the book for her porch. I am also offering her readers a promo code for the ebook.


This client wanted to redo a chair for her nursery. I loved her vision...dark gray with white piping...TURNED OUT AMAZING....
Chair--- BEFORE...a little dated and floral.

Chair- AFTER


Check out this amazing nursery! Her mom came and stenciled her wall! She also made the bumpers for her...she did a GREAT JOB!

 Love the ruffled pillow that she got from Anthropologie.


The back cushion was originally pillow style with a single row of piping. I boxed it and made it have two rows of piping. I like boxed cushions better, and almost always change them.

SIDE NOTE---- More pics from our projects last weekend at the CABIN. I love to see my boys helping and working. I joke that I bought this place to teach my boys how to work.

Full shot of the place---

 We put some gravel underneath the cabin...so now hopefully the boys won't get so dirty and messy up my slipcovers!

My two oldest boys hauling gravel up from the driveway.

Oh MY GOSH....hold your breath....Luke actually got in on the action too! Heber must have bribed him with some candy or money. He carried up 5 buckets of gravel.

Heber's brother and our friend Jared came to help out for the weekend.

Logan loves the power tools!

Here's the BEFORE for where we built the railroad tie steps into the grade along the side of the deck.

DURING---here they are half way done.

The boys doing some Man work...moving big rocks to make a wall.


AFTER-- with the rock wall almost done.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Tan Linen Chair and Matelesse couch

Barbara has been a client for probably 10 yrs. She had me come to do a chair for her family room. She was deciding between two chairs...one more of a straight back formal wingback and this chunky large wingback. This one was up in her loft and between the two of us we hauled it down to put it in place to see which one fit the space better. We decided that this chair was a better quality and more comfy than the formal wingback.

Chair-- BEFORE

Chair-- AFTER....out of tan linen, which laid beautifully. I didn't have a chance to iron the wrinkles out during the delivery. 


Here is a photo of her couch I did 7 yrs ago! I never took pics of it. It was a cream matelesse with a 5"box pleat skirt all the way around.

It still looks BEAUTIFUL! I don't think my boys would have been that kind to a couch for 7 years.

I did a band around the front edge to fit in with the curve of the couch before I attached the box pleat skirt.

SIDE NOTE---- Cabin deck and stair project

AFTER pic--- Handrail and lower deck is DONE!!!

Here is the lower deck section getting finished.

First two sections of completed handrail! I was SUPER EXCITED!  I bought the posts and balusters about a year ago off KSL.com and our local ReStore store.

 Heber's Brother and our friend Jared came up and helped.


Since we removed the outside stair case, Heber and the big boys built steps into the grade with railroad ties. It was quite the weekend! I spent my time taking the boys on four wheeler rides and putting back on all my slipcovers (I took them all home to wash them...8 loads to wash all the slipcovers, curtains, and duvet covers). The little boys helped shovel gravel and bring it up the hill.

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