Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gray/Yellow Bedroom Chair and Ottoman

My client had this great comfortable chair and a mismatched  cheetah ottoman. She wanted to redo them so they'd match her newly decorated bedroom---which is BEAUTIFUL!


 Chair--AFTER- She told me to do it however I thought was best. With the large print, I didn't want to break up the pattern, so I decided to do a waterfall skirt.

I loved all her bed pillows--eclectic and no two are the same.

Of course there was matching involved.

 I love how bright and airy the room looks.

 She also had 2 scrolled back parson chairs for her desk area.  I chose to keep it tight around the front and a waterfall skirt in the back to keep the pattern from being broke up. Plus we were limited on fabric. 3 1/2 yds per chair with that large repeat.

I had to do seams down the front corners, because the fabric wasn't wide enough to make it all the way around. Blind hem around the bottom.

SIDE NOTE #1- Brooke's front room is coming along, we purchased all our main pieces off, used of course-- we moved everything in, so I could get the scale and vision what else we need. We also ordered curtain and pillow fabric. I am super excited, but now we have to wait a week for the fabric to arrive.

 The green wall will be painted white to match the other walls, and we are hoping to do a large mirror over the couch.

Curtain fabric---we wanted a pop of yellow in the room.

SIDE NOTE #2-- It feels like spring here in Utah! I know everyone else is taking the brunt of the winter for us. We are enjoying 50-60 degree days in FEBRUARY!!! Normally we are in the 30's.

 My boys have been busy making ramps and skateboarding out front with all the neighbor boys.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

My Occasional Chair

A few weeks ago after I got back from Costa Rica, I was feeling the need to go thrifting. I stopped at Restore and found this great mid century modern chair for $10! I couldn't pass it up, so I purchased it and figured I'd find a spot for it later.

Chair---BEFORE! The blue was alright and kind of worked, but I knew a grey ikat would pop off the wood. I debated trying to upholster it, because of all the cool wood---but with 3 boys, I really wanted to be able to wash it.

Chair--AFTER! I decided it was small enough to snuggle right in next to my loveseat in the front room (Keeps the kids from trampling over that corner of my rug and staining it…perfect!)

To be able to get the slipcover off, I did a velcro opening under the wood arm on each side.

On the upper arm I ran piping under the arm and back over in all one piece, that way it wasn't super bulky with extra seam allowances.

I stapled velcro under all four edges of the chair and sewed the second side of velcro to the seam allowance, so the cover would stay down tight and I could expose more of the wood leg.

SIDE NOTE-- Since I don't last long without a design project… Camille and I talked Brooke into letting us do her front room! 

Here's the before pic! We are ditching these oversized couches and have been given a $200 budget. We ordered fabric today for curtains and a few pillows. We have been scouring the online classifieds and have scored a couch, large bench/ ottoman, occasional chair, and end table. We are hoping to work our magic and make it look AMAZING! Brooke's nervous about some of the choices we've made--but that's part of the fun right?

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Plaid Menswear Chair

My designer client wanted to redo this chair for her man client. It was his grandparents chair. Julie was redoing his bachelor pad and wanted to use some sentimental items.

Chair--Before--worn mint velvet.

Chair--AFTER--Brushed Menswear plaid with contrasting navy piping to frame it and make it "manly". The brushed fabric made for a beautiful cozy chair.

Plaid is the most difficult to match--you need to try as much as possible to match it both ways! I offer tips on how to match plaid in my "Get it Covered" Advanced Slipcovering guide . 

I loved that we were able to bring this chair back to life. Julie always picks out great fabrics!

Side Note---I don't have any! Just enjoying life back at a normal pace!

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Pair of Barrel Chairs

My client picked up a pair of barrel chairs from ikea for her daughters room that she wanted to update a bit and make it feel a little more "grown up".

Barrel chair--BEFORE 

Barrel chairs--AFTER-- she chose a fabric that she can eventually transition the room into more of a teen room.

There was only a bit of matching :)! My Advanced Slipcover Guide teaches you how to plan and match with little effort.

 We did a 2.5" pleat ruffle around the base.

I sewed her bedding and pillows several years ago, when they first moved into their house.


About 2 weeks ago, we went to Costa Rica with 2 other couples from our neighborhood.

 We had an amazing time! It was so much fun to experience a different culture. Boxed milk, eggs on the shelf, guanabana (fruit), ceviche (raw fish in pico d'gallo, church (blow up pool for baptism out front), ketchup in a foil bag, crocodiles, crazy driving, etc.

We did a full day paddle board adventure with Paddle 9.  It was an AMAZING day! Paddle boarding in the bay, then they took us to the back country of Costa Rica to rock waterslides, and a waterfall that we jumped off, then to a beautiful beach for sunset. They bought us lunch and gave us Costa Rican treats and snacks. We drove in a rickety van with no a/c windows down with reggae music playing, true Costa Rica culture…I LOVED it!
Waterfall that Paddle 9 took us to! We jumped off the rock that was lodged at the top between the walls. IT took me about 5 minutes to convince myself to jump--it felt like the landing area was so skinny! Then I did it AGAIN! I love off the beaten track stuff--not touristy at all!

 Guanabana Shakes were a huge hit!! Apparently the only place in the U.S. that carries guanabana is Florida.

We rented a 2000 sq ft house with 3 bedrooms that had amazing views of the jungle with monkeys. One morning we could see the monkeys while we were laying in bed out our window! It was a five minute drive to the beach.

The water was super warm and it was about 95 degrees everyday with lots of humidity. Swim suit and cover up with flip flops everyday! This was Ventanas Beach--which means "windows", at low tide there are two tunnels/ caves that you can walk in the go out to the ocean.

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