Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cream duck cloth couch

My client wanted a cream duck cloth couch. Her neighbor had given her this great scrolled back english rolled arm couch, so she had a great base to start with. 



She wanted ties on the back for some extra detail. 

SIDE NOTES---We just got back from our annual couples trip. This year we went to Sayulita, Mexico. So great to be somewhere warm for a week! 
This pic was taken on the back porch of the jungle house we stayed at! AMAZING house! 

While we were gone, Heber's dad stayed a few nights with our boys and left a flash drive with some old pics from when we built our house 17 years the middle of nowhere! 

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Cream Velvet Dining chairs

Turned these bedroom chairs in to Cream Velvet dining chairs. Harker Design commissioned these chairs for one of their clients. They took a set of existing bedroom chairs of the clients and turned them into host/hostess chairs for the dining table. Since the client is located out of state, I didn't get to see them finished in the dining room. I bet they looked stunning though.

BEFORE--Here were the drawings they sent me of what they wanted. Baseball stitch, ties, and waterfall skirt to change up the whole look.


 AFTER--I prewashed the velvet since they would be in dining room--that way they can be washed.

 Since the velvet was too thick to make ties--they decided to go for a deconstructed look. I serged two layers together face out--so the ties wouldn't be too bulky.

 No piping--just topstitch

I pieced the inside back to create the X back they wanted and opened up the seam and stitched on both sides.

I've been mulling over different goals for the year, and haven't really nailed any down specifically. My overall thoughts were just trying to figure out what my dream is. Everyone has a different dream, half the battle is figuring out what your's is. It's kind of my new saying-- you know when your house is trashed, and the kids are fighting..."Living the dream, the dream!" 

Lots of times, it's just making things happen and writing them down on your to do list.  What gets you excited? Is there something new you want to learn? What things do you want to make happen this year??  

My Ultimate dream--have 5 BYU housing condos that are paid for which create passive income ($42,000/yr after expenses), so I don't have to work as hard, and can take more trips. We bought our first BYU condo last February and are on a 3 year plan to pay it off. Once it's paid for it'll be an income stream. Then I'd just have to do that 4 more times. Which sounds a bit exhausting to me right now--so maybe 3 BYU condos?? I guess just take it one condo at a time. 

One bucket list thing I put on my to do list for this year is to hit up the longest yardsale on Hwy 127 from Alabama to Michigan. Aug 4-7! 

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Shabby Chic ruffled slipcovers

My Client wanted to keep the Shabby chic ruffled slipcovers--but wanted them in white linen instead. She actually made the existing yellow slipcovers herself years ago---she did a great job! But this time she didn't want to make them herself. Which is great! I always love visiting her in her beautiful home and catching up on our families.

Chair--BEFORE-- these chairs are a family heirloom, rust and all! Simply beautiful!


I did 1.5" blind hem and ironed all the gathers down, so they would drape down nicely and not be poofy.

I tied the bows directly onto the posts--to eliminate bulk on the slipcovers themselves. Bonus--when you wash the slipcovers the ties won't need to be ironed flat to look good again. I can't take credit for this idea--my client did the original slipcovers that way. She wanted everything to be exactly the same, except smaller piping and white linen.  

Her home is truly amazing! All the natural light with the fresh snow outside made for great pictures!

Side Notes--Had some great time off with my family this holiday season! 
 We stayed at the cabin on Christmas night--there was about 3 ft of fresh powder! The boys couldn't resist jumping from the deck into it.

 We hiked up to Diamond Fork Hot springs--which is in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. It was amazing! We even stripped down to our suits and got in. 20 degrees outside and 12 mile roundtrip hike. I am always up for an adventure.

The cousins came to the cabin to play time in the snow. It was pretty cold outside about 15 degrees, so not much sledding happened. The boys worked with Heber on turning their teepee into an igloo. 

It's not Christmas without a family party and ugly Christmas Sweaters... 

Or kissing pictures!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

nursery swivel rocker

My client wanted to slipcover her nursery swivel rocker in a gender neutral color, since they weren't finding out what they were having. I forgot to take a before pic--it was just a muslin covered chair ready for a slipcover.


She chose a great grey diamond fabric. IMG_5018



I did do velcro under the bottom edge to keep it all tight and in place.


I love the mural they painted on the wall! It's perfect with the crib and dresser. IMG_5027

Side note-- She also had me make a few pillow to finish off her front room. She chose some great fabrics! You ALWAYS need pillows to finish off a space. I always use down inserts in my pillows, so you can fluff them and they always look great. Polyfiber fills, just go flat and hard over a few months time.




Side note-I am booked till January. Email me if you want to get on my list. Thanks!Photobucket Photobucket get it covered photo coveredbutton.jpg the whole 9 yards photo whole9yards.jpg