Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cottage Chair

First off....for all the local ladies and gentlemen...The Design Company is having their STEP DOWN SALE! It happens twice a year. This week all their clearance is $7/yd, on the week of July 23rd it's $5/yd, and the final week starting on July 30th it's $3/yd. Their address is 2253 S. 500 E. in Salt Lake City. I always love to go to this sale!

My designer client called me up last minute for this rush job for a condo she was hired to decorate. She emailed me pics after she installed everything. I was blown away! I loved all the colors and her style. She did an amazing job. So if you need an interior designer in the SLC, Ut area.... I highly recommend Julie Assenberg. Click here for her email address.

Here was the chair---BEFORE....a $40 second hand store find.

Chair---AFTER--- floral with stripe piping and a gathered skirt.

I love the yellow modern chair with it...I have an ottoman out of that same yellow fabric in my basement! I love the eclectic and rustic feel of the coffee table and room.

Another shot of the living room

Another view of living room

 Check out the bedroom!!! I love all the bright fun colors. Julie did an awesome job! She pulled this whole job off in less than a month!

SIDE NOTE--- Here are pics from my sisters trip to San Francisco! We had a great time...we stayed 2 nights downtown in a condo. We shopped, ate, got a pedicure, rented bikes and rode on the Golden Gate bridge (don't wear a dress doing this...it's a bit windy....your spanx may make an appearance), took the ferry to Sausalito, went to pier 49 for clam chowder and watched some movies in bed with ding dongs and milky way darks.

Here's a pic of us four girls getting ready to ride up the steep hill to cross the bridge.

We walked EVERYWHERE!!! I was so excited to get home and drive my car. 

Our big brother lives about an hour from San Francisco...so he met us for dinner with his wife....we had a great time, we got a table with a view of the bay and talked and laughed for a few hours

Mid bridge pic....let's just say the "professional" bikers didn't appreciate tourists on the bridge

 My sisters are all pretty amazing...love our girl trips!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

White Chair and Blue Damask Ottoman

This client just barely moved into her new home the week I came by to pick  up her chair and ottoman. She's a designer and is really excited to start updating her new home. It's beautiful with hunter green beadboard and floral wallpaper! She wanted me to write a disclaimer....that she hasn't painted yet...so ignore the hunter green walls.

Her furniture was muslin covered and ready for slipcovers.

Here is the chair AFTER---white denim with a 1" pleat ruffle along the bottom edge. Ottoman---AFTER blue linen damask.

Close up of front of the arm

I installed the zipper on the back corner next to the piping. I also did a seam that tapered off the back of the arm.... I could have done a pleat there...but it was too big and bulky and didn't look right, so I decided to seam it.

Here is the whole room....remember to ignore the green paint! The ottoman was done in a linen damask. She wanted no piping on it. I lined the four side with duck cloth, to give it some stability...since the linen was pre washed and pretty fluid.

I can't wait to see what she does with the place! She invited me to come back once they have gotten some remodeling done.

Side note---it has been a BUSY summer....

Last month when we camped at Carlsbad State beach, we heard about the Mormon Battalion visitors center. We decided to take the kids there and check out their FREE tour. IT was AWESOME! I have some ancestors on my mom's side that marched with the Mormon Battalion.....so the kids thought that was pretty cool.

They take your family picture after the tour and email it to you.

After the tour...they have some hands on stuff for the kids to do...they got to pan for gold and take two pieces of gold home with them.

They got to pump water and wash clothes on a washboard, and they got to see how the pioneers made bricks.  The kids had a BLAST!  So if you are ever in San Diego, go check it out! It's #2 on trip advisor of things to do in the area.

Here's our family pic from the beach....we pose in the same place every year for a photo right before we head home.

SIDE NOTE #2-- A few weeks ago I ran in the top of zion relay down in Southern Utah.
Here's a pic of all the girls that ran on our team. The guys stayed in the van. 12 people on a team.

 Here's a pic mid race with my girls, Camille and April.
Heber came along and was our driver...

This was the toughest relay, I have run....It was HOT! Two out of my three runs were in 95 degrees. There were tons of hills! Our last thirty miles were on this dirt road out by Navajo Lake...super dusty and HOT! Camille and I are enjoying a pear before our last run.

 Heber even got in on the action and rode the bike for awhile...so he could get out of the car for a bit.

Side note #3---Last weekend all my sisters and I got together in San Francisco for a sisters weekend. I'll post pics next time.

Side note #4--- Oh yes...and I am booked until the end of Septemeber....so if you want on my list email me.

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Furniture Feature Fridays