Friday, March 30, 2012

Tall Wingback Couches and booked till June 20th

This client found these couches on for $50 each (matching pair)! I can't tell you how excited I was about these couches. They were almost as tall as me! I have never seen anything like these before...They were BEAUTIFUL!!!

My client wanted to do one large down wrapped cushion on these instead of keeping the 3 separate cushions. I couldn't agree more.

Couch--- BEFORE

Couch---AFTER with a new down cushion. The original cushions were 3" tall, and we went with a 5" thick down cushion. The couches were large scaled and I thought they could take some extra height.


Check out the legs on these! My client went with a cream duck cloth fabric from Joanns. She prewashed it of course, so she can wash the slipcovers after they are made.

Side Note #1---- I am booked until June 20th!

Side Note #2---I paid off the cabin this month! Happy Day! I know I am a little neurotic about debt and interest.

Side Note #3---I have been working hard on editing my "Pillow Talk" ebook (make pillows with piping and a zipper. It's getting close! I demo all the pillows below in the book (knife edge, mitered, bolster, ruffled, piping with ZIPPERS!) It will be available for $25 in a few weeks.

Side Note #4--- Just painted 13" horizontal gray and white stripes in my front room. They look amazing. If you want a sneak peak (iphone pic).....check out my Slipcover Shelley facebook page. Once I take some real pics with my big girl camera, I'll do a post.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Cabin in Midway, UT

Two years ago in December we purchased our FIXER UPPER Cabin. I randomly found it on the MLS, went to look at it the next day and put in an offer that evening. It was a great price and we couldn't pass it up. It's located in Midway, Ut...which is about an hour from our house.

I look back at some of the before pics and can't believe we bought this place! It was definitely a "man cabin"

Dining room- BEFORE-- we removed the fan and replaced it with a chandelier, painted all the walls cream. I left the ceiling wood.

Dining room- AFTER ---hung some curtains, slipcovered some parson chairs, and talked my sister into letting me have this turquoise table.

Kitchen- BEFORE-- we removed the wagon wheel chandelier and the make shift counter on the right of the pic.

Kitchen- BEFORE-- we also removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room (where the paneling changes colors)

Kitchen- AFTER-- walls were painted cream, and I painted the cabinets turquoise and aged them a bit and polyeurethened them. I also installed a glass tile backsplash...which I still need to grout.

Kitchen- AFTER-- we also replaced the counter top with butcher block from IKEA. We also installed a used cast iron sink and a new goose neck faucet.

Kitchen- AFTER

Kitchen- AFTER

Kitchen--AFTER- We also bought an apartment sized fridge and stove (20" wide) and found a cabinet that fit just right in between them.

Family room- BEFORE--- notice the cubby room at the bottom---we took out those two walls and the drop down header thing to make it one large (well larger) space.

Family room- AFTER--- See the new large windows! They let in so much more light! I hung curtains, slipcovered a sectional and some club chairs and an ottoman. I also painted a mirror that my mom gave me. We also replaced the light fixture with a silver chandelier.

Family room- AFTER--- the floors were beautiful through out and we didn't have to do anything to them. HARDWOOD laid on the diagonal (or a seamstress would say).

Wood Burning stove--- was still functional, we just had a fireplace guy replace the single wall pipe and stand up and anchor the double wall pipe that had fallen over on the roof. The kids always fight over who gets to start the fire.

Loft--BEFORE--- notice the railing this is for the overlook, which we removed and covered over to aquire more square footage. The steps were a little random and lead out the window to the upper deck. We also removed the old light fixture and shutters off the window. The door at the end of  the pic is the bunkroom.

Loft- AFTER-- painted walls and left the trim and ceiling wood and hung curtains. Of course I made new pillows and bedding and painted some thrift store end tables and bought some new lamps at TJMAXX.


Bunkroom--AFTER --

Stairs to loft---they were turquoise originally and we left them alone....these were a huge selling point for me.... they were turquoise, what else can I say?

Dining room--AFTER

Dining Room- AFTER

Bathroom Floor- BEFORE --- I pulled off the peel and stick pebble looking tiles, and then I ripped off the subfloor to find raw hard wood underneath, that was laid on the diagonal like the rest of the main floor.

Bathroom Floors- AFTER---- I puttied, sanded, conditioned, stained and polyeurethened....and they ended up matching great at the threshhold!

Bathroom- BEFORE--see the nasty peel and stick pebble looking tiles?

Bathrom--AFTER --- got a new vanity, toilet and put up beadboard. Ipainted the walls cream and the ceiling turquoise and all the trim is dark wood. I don't have all the pics....darn it! We also ditched the old medicine cabinet and hung a chandelier.

Bathroom--- AFTER---turquoise beadboard ceiling and cream breadboard walls with dark wood trim. Silver chandelier and turquoise chevron shower curtain.

Book shelf that I had Heber hang above the toilet for extra storage.

 NEW WINDOWS--- My dad came and helped us replace the tiny windows for new 48"x48" windows. You can see the old window leaning between the two new windows. We replace three windows on the main level. One in the dining room and two in the family room.

Loft Overlook---AFTER---- (well after of the floor only) we removed the railing and filled in the overlook that looked down onto the dining room. We figured we wanted as much floor space as possible.

AFTER--- I slipcovered a loveseat and ottoman for the loft. They sit exactly where the overlook was. This is Carters spot....he loves to sleep on this loveseat.

OUTSIDE--- AFTER--- I painted the trim green. I wanted it to pop off the dark wood paneling. We also reroofed the was the original roof which was from 1978. The boys helped a ton as well as Hebers brother and our friend Jared.

Driving up the driveway the first time we came to look at the looked like a tree house perched up on stilts. My first impression heading up the driveway was that we had just wasted an hour driving up here. It needed ALOT of work.

Cabin in the fall--- we have a steep driveway that works well for a tubing run in the winter.

Deck-- BEFORE---- My dad came and helped demo the dry rot deck. There were about 3 layers of TI-81 paneling stacked up on eachother. Underneath there was massive dry rot--- since there wasn't proper drainage

Deck---AFTER--- Here is the new deck going in...compostite decking that I found on Lucky me, I bought 12' boards for a deck that was 12' wide...which meant no cutting! The deck is 12'x25' with a beautiful view of Midway.

Finished Deck and handrail--- happy day for me! I bought most of the railing and all the posts and balusters off KSL and our local ReStore.

This summer I am planning on renting the cabin when we aren't using it. We still have some ongoing it's not 5 star accomodations, but definitely liveable. I am going to rent it at the promo rate of $50/ night, and you change the linens before you leave (there will be extra sets there). email me if you are interested in certain dates. Available seasonally from June 1- October 15th.

-800 sq. ft
-2 bedroom and 1 bath
-Sleeps 6- queen bed, 2 twin beds, sectional couch
-down comforters and pillows
-12x25 ft deck with a view
-Midway, UT in Oak Haven Estates (about 1.5 miles from Homestead Resort)
-ATV trails at bottom of driveway
-.56 acre
-refrigerator, electric stove, and microwave 
-wood burning stove with endless supply of wood
-electric griddle, waffle iron, rice cooker
-TV and DVD player with some movies
-games- phase 10, UNO, and Apples to Apples
-20 min from Park City
-Kids need to be at least 5 yrs old---there are steep stairs to the loft and a wood burning stove


Friday, March 16, 2012

Waterfall Skirt and DVD giveaway

First off  Rooster and the Hen are hosting a giveaway for my How to Slipcover DVD. So head on over and check it out!   I love their Logo!               


I did a pair of these chairs for a designer client....she asked for no piping except on the cushion and a waterfall skirt.

In all my 11 yrs of slipcovering, I have not yet done a waterfall skirt. I have thought about them and envisioned doing them, and have layed in bed figuring out how to make them work. So it was exciting to finally do one, and it worked out like it did in my head. YEA!

Chair before...

Chair--- After....I actuallly liked the look of no piping on this one. Kind of gave it a different feel.

Front of the arm- I angles the front skirt piece to cover over the front edge of the arm, so the front skirt piece would be all one piece.

I guess I should explain what a waterfall skirt's when the skirt isn't attatched separately.  The skirt is part of the main body. Normally the skirt is attatched to the main body with piping sewn in between.

I tacked the top of the pleat of the skirt for added durability.

I really liked the casualness of this chair. The fabric was a textured chunky woven cream cotton. LOVED IT!