Friday, September 30, 2011

Gray Diamond Ottoman

This is the OTTOMAN THAT I COVET!!! My client ordered her fabric from Serena and Lily. I think I might NEED some of it. It would be beautiful on pillows in my front room.

Here is her ottoman before....Dark Leather, she wanted to add more fabric to the room. Since I love gray, I agreed.

She wanted to leave the dark legs exposed and just cover the top with piping along the top and bottom.

Of course there was matching involved.
Close up

We took pics in her garage, because she was in a hurry and needed to put her little one down for a nap. I wish I could've seen it in the room! This was the same client that had me do the Gray Hexagon Ottoman as seen below.



Here is the yellow and gray fabric I bought on my trip in North Carolina....I am going to redo my ottoman in this. So yellow and gray with a pop of turquoise on my pillows. I've been doing all these fun ottomans for everyone else, and I decided I need one too!
See don't you think this gray diamond fabric will work well with it?

                            Serena and Lily Fabric by the Yard Diamond Bark


Monday, September 26, 2011

Tan Linen Wingbacks

This client was ready for a change...she was tired of her "gold" wingback chairs, so she bought some heavyweight tan linen. She wanted to keep the lines the same and let the legs show.

Wingback chenille.

After tan linen...she wanted more of the relaxed slipcover look rather than the formal look of the gold chenille.

Pair of wingbacks after.

They had interesting curved arms that I don't see too often. I wasn't sure how they were going to work out, but the linen shaped beautifully and worked well.

I did add the seam with piping on the front of the added a little detail, plus was functional for me. I think it would've been hard to wrap the same piece of fabric around from the inside arm to the outside arm and make it look right. So the inside arm is one piece and the outside arm is another piece, doing this also saved on fabric.

Band going down the wing.




Friday, September 23, 2011

Orange Damask Ottoman

Ottoman Before...

Ottoman damask with a boxpleat skirt.

She had two different pieces of fabric out of the same was a heavier upholstry weight cotton and the other was quilt fabric weight. make it work I used the heavier weight fabric on the top and band and piping, and I used the lighter weight fabric for the skirt. I self lined the skirt to give it more weight.

Close up of skirt

Of course there was some matching involved from the top to the band on the side.

Another after shot.
I love how much it added to the room! It seems like Ottomans are the new throw pillows. I have always brought color into my rooms through the pillows and have kept my couch bases neutral....Now I think Ottomans are taking over that job! 

Side Note#1--- I Spent last weekend in North Carolina with my sister Angie...and we stayed with Gina from Slipcover Chic.

About a year and a half ago, Gina called me from my blog and had some questions about doing a slipcover business. We chatted and she offered up her guest room, if I ever wanted to come stay. Little did she know, I love to take trips and would most likely take her up on the offer.

We shopped, ate pecan pie, and met Kristi from Pink and Polka Dot for dinner. Kristi lives two hours from Gina! She drove to meet both of us for the first time! We tried to talk Kristi into coming to Gina's to stay over, but she decided she need to head home. So Gina and I stayed up and started slipcovering her couch... we got it all pinfitted!

The next day the sun finally came out....Gina took my sister and I to the beach. Somehow I sunburned the back of my legs pretty bad, they felt like they were on fire for my 6 hour flight home in jeans.

       Me                                  Gina                               Kristi


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Slipcover DVD giveaway at Tatertots and Jello Blog

Hey Ladies---- Jen at Tatertots and Jello is hosting a giveway for my ""How to Slipcover" DVD.

Here is a picture of her sectional that I did for her this summer. I love the the grey chevron pillows and the rug of course.

So head on over to Tatertots and Jello to enter my giveaway!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Floral Ottoman

Here is the ottoman before.....

I love the bold print of this fabric! My client chose a solid red to use for the piping to frame it.

Of course there was a little bit of matching involved.

I think I am being inspired to change out my ottoman to something bold and fun. I'll have to see what I can come up with.

Side note #1--- two weekends we headed up to our cabin to work on finishing the bathroom. We needed to put up a few more pieces of beadboard on the walls and ceiling. I decided to leave the walls white and paint the ceiling turquoise. Then I am going to trim it out in wood that I stain walnut for the baseboards and window casings. Can't wait till it's done and I can put up my turquiose chevron shower curtain that I made about 8 months ago.

The boys were big helpers and wanted to paint the beadboard for the ceiling. What the heck, right? Less that I have to do, and who's going to be able to see up close on the ceiling if they don't do a great job?

Unfortunately they got bored after awhile and went off in the woods to work on their fort.

Side Note #2---- yes....I ran another race last weekend. I ran the Red Rock Relay. It started at Brianhead up Cedar City, Ut canyon and ended in Zions.  Here I am on my first leg of 5.6 miles about 1pm. Halfway through it started raining and hailing and the temperature dropped to 44 degrees. It was almost all uphill. My second leg was 8.4 miles around midnight, and my third leg was 5.25 miles uphill about 9am. Then I ran an extra 2 miles for about 21.5 miles total! I think that's it for the year unless I end up running Vegas Ragnar Relay.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stripe bedroom chair

This was for a client in Park City...she had a pair of these chairs that she was using in separate bedrooms. She decided to make 3 covers total, so she could switch them out. She did a white one and a red pinstripe one that I'll show off later. The third one she did was this red/blue/white/ tan stripe.

Before....old chairs from her mother in law, but the perfect shape and size. Small and petite and can snuggle into any corner.

After....Love the way it turned out, please don't mind the wrinkles.... I have to fold them up and put them in bags while transporting, so the wrinkles will fall out over the next day or two.

Front view.

I did piping on the inside arm seam just to make it look more finished....and then I did a kiss pleat on the top corner of the chair. I do this when the corner is more rounded than square.

Side of chair

Side Note ---- I ran the Grand Teton Relay a few weekends ago...the whole family came and we stayed at my running partner's in-laws cabin in Island Park. Her whole family came too. We got there a day early and floated the river on a raft. 3-4 hours is a long time to be in a confined space with 5 kids who got bored after the first 45 minutes. Luckily we found a rope swing a few hours into it and the kids played on it for awhile.

Here's my family out in front of the raft rental place.

The next day was "race" day. The husbands and kids came to cheer for us along the course...pom poms and all. I even taught them how to yell, "GO RUNNNNNNER!" a few nights before. Luke had it down. Now when we are driving around town, they roll down their windows and cheer for random runners on the road.

The kids came to get a snuggle after my first leg was over. It was 7.4 miles and the last 2.5-3 miles were a serious uphill. I still managed to average 9:30 per mile. Logan (my oldest) even got out and ran with me for a little while....until he tripped on some gravel and skinned his knee.

Here is Camille, me, and race buddies. I think we've done about 8 races together. We are at the Grand Targhee Ski resort and it's about 7 am and we are getting ready to run our third leg. We had already been on the course almost 24 hours at this point, we slept in the van, because it was too cold to get out.
Here we are...April is getting ready to run her last leg. My last leg was 3.2 miles and I managed to average 8:25 min. per mile and I passed a guy! My only roadkill for the whole race. There were only 46 teams total, because it was the first year. So we didn't see many people out on the course during our runs. Oh yes and we were 3rd to last place! Although to make ourselves feel better...some volunteers did tell us that some teams skipped some of their night runs because they were too scared to run through trees on trails.