"Pillow Talk" ebook

Well I decided to write this ebook after I realized how many people were intimidated by zippers! I promise they are ten times faster than hand sewing a pillow shut, and look a million times better than machine sewing them shut....and you can remove the covers and wash them! Oh yes and did I mention they are also ten times faster than a flap opening on the back. Have I convinced you yet?

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Here is the cover of my ebook! "Pillow Talk"-- Sew pillows with piping and a zipper includes 22 pages of step by step instructions with pictures and tips. I also include a source page for down inserts, bulk piping, and zippers.

This ebook has a tutorial for five different styles of pillows all with zipper openings!
1. knife edge
2. piping pillow
3. ruffle pillow
4. mitered pillow
5. bolster pillow

Here is a sample page from the ebook....

Click below to Purchase for $20 and download instantly!

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Pillows are HUGE for me! They FINISH off a room, they add color and interest, and comfort to any room. You can also update or change the whole feel of your room....just by switching out your pillows (which is easy if they have zippers).

The following are some examples of how I have utilized pillows in my own home or clients homes

Ida's cream loveseat slipcover looks great with some funky pillows! They make the room!

My Bedroom.

My front room--- This room wouldn't be the same without the pillows! I got my pop of green on the couch.

My sisters family room

April's master bedroom...

We've all seen white slipcovers a bazillion times....but the pillows are what makes it!

With my "Pillow Talk" ebook, you will master the art of zippers and pillow making! Purchase for $20 and download instantly!

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