Thursday, May 23, 2013

Striped Upholstered Rocker

My client wanted to redo this chair for her little girls room.

Chair---BEFORE---you can see my pins marking my center, so I could line up all those stripes.

Chair--AFTER-- this stripe wasn't symmetrical, it ran pink, blue, green,pink..... I decided the pink stripe was the most dominant that my eye went to--so I picked the center between the pink stripes to be my center (white stripe with tiny pinstripe of light blue). This way it looked more symmetrical.

I notched out around the rockers.

Lapped zipper on back right corner next to the piping.

The top corners were more rounded, so I did a kiss pleat (like the original) instead of a seam or fold one way. I also did piping down the inside arm seam (looks nicer this way, especially with stripes).

I timed the stripes on the front of the arms to coincide with the they don't miss a beat. (This is easier to do than you might think....I took photos for my Advanced Slipcovering guide, and will give you step by step instructions)

Side Note---My sister found this old photo of my grandparents. They used to travel across the country and sleep in their car quite often. Here they are sleeping in their station wagon. It's like a Ragnar race! Now that my marathon is over, I am seriously debating jumping on a team to run Wasatch Back next month.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

White Couch Slipcover

My client decided she wanted to redo her couch in white twill.


Couch---AFTER--- I was in love with all her decorating---that turquoise secretary desk was 100% me.

And check out her rug in the entry! BEAUTIFUL!!!

I had enough fabric, so I self-lined the skirts.

We decided to "box" the back cushions to give it a cleaner lines.

SIDE NOTE--- I ran my first full Marathon this past weekend! I finished in 4 hours and 30 min.
Here we are at 3:30am getting ready to go catch the bus to the start line! We'd been training since January. It was a bit brutal on those 8 degree days.

Here we are at the start line....pouring rain, luckily they handed out trash bags on the bus. Here's our group of 5 from my neighborhood that signed up.

Here is Teresa and I at mile 13! Still feeling great. I decided to take it easy and enjoy the journey and not push hard for a good time. I ignored the 4:15 pacer when he passed us---I didn't want to feel pressure to go faster.

I wore my trash bag till mile was still raining, but more of a drizzle by then. I was SOAKED by the finish. I couldn't wait to get back to the condo to sit in the hot tub and eat chocolate donuts!

Here I am running into the finish---my boys jumped in and ran the last bit with me! It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I never hit the "wall" that everyone talks about. 

At mile 22 I was thinking, "Yea!!! I won't have to stop and use the porta potty!" Almost immediately after that thought, I had to start looking for the next porta potty! Dang it! Oh well enjoy the journey right? I ended up having to find one at 23 miles and again at 24.5 miles! Too much powerade, I guess!

Teresa and I finished it together!

All five of us finished within 18 min. of each other. The first of us came in at 4:12 and the last of us came in at 4:30. 

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Giveaway and Plaid Chair

Janet at the Empty Nest is hosting a giveaway for my Slipcover DVD/ebook bundle. Head on over to her blog to enter! 

This chair was for my clients sons room. Lucky boy....nothing more manly than plaid!



Lots of matching with plaids!

Side Note---This chair is going to be part of my "Advanced Slipcovering Guide"---matching plaids!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gray Linen Waterfall Skirt Couch

My client purchased her home last year and has been remodeling and has finally moved in! She got this couch, but wanted to protect it with a slipcover.

Couch--BEFORE-- tan suede

Couch--AFTER-- she got a great heavy weight gray linen from Restoration Hardware to match the chairs she ordered.

She wanted to to do a waterfall skirt to match the chairs (hadn't arrived yet at time of photo).

I did a 1.5" blind hem---Don't mind the wrinkles, they'll fall out (it was folded in bag for delivery)

I did piping down the inside arm instead of tuck in. This couch is going to get lots of use (TV room), and I didn't want her to have to keep re tucking when they got pulled out.

Since the arms were straight and not a rolled arm, I didn't need to do a zipper---which made it easier with the waterfall skirt.

Center pleat seam---did decking separate, to save fabric and so I could do a pleat.

She had also gotten these teak outdoor wing backs from Restoration Hardware. She had me order some down cushions for the seats and had me slipcover them in a rustic burlap looking ticking stripe. 

She ended up having me slipcover her two benches that were in front of the fire place as well. Great striped linen with a gathered skirt.

I ironed the gathers down after the skirt was sewn on. Gives it more of a drapey look than a puffy look--if that makes sense.

SIDE NOTE---working on my "Advanced Slipcovering Guide"---I am going to show tips on how to do the following....

1. maximize fabric 
2. finish options (piping, topstitching, french welt) 
3.skirt options (gathered, basic, no skirt, waterfall, box pleat, knife pleat) 
4.skirt finishes (self lined, rolled hem, blind hem) 
5.arms (telephone arms, english rolled arms, arm pads)
6.pattern matching (stripe, plaid, large pattern)
7.attached back cushions
8.wing backs 
9.lining a slipcover
10.ottomans (box top, round, pullover)
11.sectional &unsymmetrical items
12.hideabed couch 
13.parson chairs 
14.scrolled backs
15.velcro to main body

Anything else you are dying to learn about???

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