Monday, January 30, 2012

Couch and Chair DVD Giveaway and sale!

Heidi over at HoneyBear Lane is hosting a giveaway for my "How to Slipcover" DVD....head on over and check it out. It goes through Saturday.

I was featured a few times over the weekend! I was feautured over at Craptastic and Pink and Polka Dot!  Now on to my post....

COUCH--- Before...good lines, but a little tired and old looking.

CHAIR--- Before

Couch-- After. My client decided to replace the cushions along the back with  five Euro sized pillows. She got two different fabrics for pillows, so she can switch them out and change her look. THIS IS LOOK #1

Front of couch--- she opted for no skirt.

Here is her couch with her second set of pillows. LOOK #2.

She went with a white denim for the slipcovers.

Here is her couch and chairs together! On the wingbacks, she decided to do a skirt....just to mix it up a bit. Actually her 19 yr old son decided, she couldn't she asked him what he thought. Skirt it was.

Love these wingbacks...super comfy and large.

Side Note---My cousin got married this past weekend, so my sister, Charice flew up from California...all of us sisters got to be together this weekend! It was quick, but we got to hangout and go to lunch together in between the wedding ceremony and the reception. LOVE my girls!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Bedroom

Right before Christmas, I met up with Camille to walk around IKEA...just for fun with no kids. OF course I saw these blue chunky weave curtains that I fell in love with. I was in the middle of redoing my guest room, but I loved them so much I decided to use what I had for my guest room and use the beatiful blue curtains for my room.

My bedroom before looked like this.

Bedroom--- BEFORE... notice the bench, endtables and lamp.....I changed them all out.

Bedroom--- AFTER

Long story the time I went back to IKEA the curtains were sold out, and I was only able to buy one panel which was the sample. My original plan was to make the set of curtains into a duvet cover. I settled on making it a footwarmer instead.

I ordered the green bird fabric from It's called Aviary Moss by Thomaspaul. I ordered another fabric that had turquoise and green together....but it didn't work out, the green was way too bright! It was almost fluorescent.

I had to come up with a pillow that tied all my colors together. I sifted through my stash and found a small piece of turquoise velvet, green stripe, green linen, and some gray solid. It was perfect...and on the first try too. I love it when it comes together and I am not second guessing myself and changing my mind.

I also found some scraps of some gray/white damask fabric that I used to slipcover my lamp shades.

I also ordered this blue chevron for my chair from I don't like being super matchy, so I put together this bolster pillow out of some more scraps and some gray ribbon. I decided to not use piping on the pillows...just to give it a different feel than I normally do.

I picked up this amazing coffee table at the thrift store for $30. I loved the dark wood and the detail of the carving and the little finial things on the feet. It was perfect for a bench at the end of the bed.

I picked up the magazine basket and turquoise suit case at the thrift store as well, another $5 well spent.

I bought this turquoise artichoke votive holder at Hobby Lobby. I set it in the white bowl that Logan made me for Mother's Day a few years ago.

I kept my white duvet and bedskirt....that's why I like to do neutral duvets and slipcovers. That way you only have to switch out your pillows for a quick change.

I switched out my lamps for ones that were in the front room....a little bit more weighty and substanial.

I kept my tan curtains.... They bring warmth and they worked with the wood tones.

I ditched my black end tables that were too big and showed off all my junk underneath on the shelf. I picked up a few sewing machine cabinets at the thrift store for $15 each and used them as my new end tables. The height and scale was perfect. I also loved the dark wood. They are a little scuffed up...but like my dad used to say, "it adds character"

I kept the gray Euro pillows...they still worked with the new lamp shade covers. I also painted my armoir gray too.

Close up of the footwarmer...How beautiful is that fabric! This is what started it all......


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Menswear Dining Room

This was the inspiration picture that my client had for her dining room.... beautiful!

I was able to get the host and hostess chairs done before Christmas for she kept the red parson slipcovers on and played up the holiday theme. She wanted to go more contemporary.....

Here is her dining room now, with the finished parson chair covers, new modern light fixture and bamboo shades replaced her previous swag window treatments.

She had been holding onto the damask fabric for a few years and found the blue chenille textured menswear looking fabric on clearance at Joanns. It was amazingly soft!

I love the eclectic look of all the fabrics, and the boldness of the damask print. In this setting the damask has a different vibe than it normally does...Funky and bold!

She has had her table for 20 years! She said she's painted it with every trend including the crackle that it's black and the chair legs are brown wood. I love mixing woods, metals, and different finishes. I don't like when things are super know bed-in-a-bag doesn't work for me. I don't want my comforter to match my shams,curtains, bedskirt, and lamp shades.

I loved the texture of the blue fabric...I could pet it for hours!

I did have to do zippers down the right outside back...the chairs tapered in toward the bottom, and the slipcovers wouldn't be able to come off without zippers.

I also made sure all the repeats in the black damask were in the same spot on the inside back/outside back/seat. To do this I put a pin in the chair I was fitting on the center backs and center seat and centered the pattern over that pin each time.

Also the blue had a nap (color looks different if upside down) to it. The standard is to pet the fabric down, so when you slide/get off the chair's seat you want the nap to be brushing down. Then make sure the nap is running down on the rest of the chair.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Host and Hostess chairs

This client was in the middle of remodeling and trying to finish by Christmas. She had me slipcover the Host and Hostess chairs (chairs at the head of the table) in a gray menswear type fabric. First of all I love gray and I love menswear! She decided to keep the red parson chair slipcovers for Christmas.

I just finished the new covers for the red chairs today and will be taking them back next week.....I am so excited to take them back and see it all put together. She's doing an eclectic menswear type theme. Some of the parsons are going to be black/cream damask and some of them are going to be this awesome navy blue chenille design fabric. So watch next week for some more pics with her new parson slipcovers.

Hostess chair before...great lines and beautiful legs. She bought the chairs from DownEast Home.  I believe they are from Pottery Barn.

After in the gray menswear fabric.

I did a band around the front with piping along the top edge.

This fabric was great, it shaped really well to all the curves of this chair.

Side view.

Another side view.

The whole room....I was able to miss all the construction in this shot, her whole kitchen was being worked on. She's planning on changing out the valances for the new menswear look, once I get her other chairs back.

I love the look with the host and hostess chairs being a different fabric.

Another shot of the room.

Here is my clients inspiration picture for her BEAUTIFUL is this room???!!! I love all the menswear influence and all the eclectic fabrics. The chandelier is awesome too!


Here is my little guy (our little elf) on Christmas Day. He put this old costume on a few days before Christmas and was dancing around in it....Heber's mom made this clown outfit for Halloween when Heber was about a year it's 37 yrs. old!  A bit snug on a 7 yr. old.....hahahaha.  Anyhow we had him put it on and carry in the gifts to Heber's family. We thought it was hilllarious!

Maui was great! The boys loved going there for their first time...we snorkeled, whale watched, went to a Luau, surf lessons, and went on a blue water rafting tour.

Here we are on a drive around the north end of the island...we got out to check out all the surfers on the huge waves! The call that area "Jaws"

Here are my two oldest boys heading out to their surf lesson.

We rented snorekling gear for the week for all the boys....they loved it! By the end of the week, the older two were snorkeling out in the ocean without their noodles. They loved seeing all the fish and turtles.