Monday, January 23, 2012

My Bedroom

Right before Christmas, I met up with Camille to walk around IKEA...just for fun with no kids. OF course I saw these blue chunky weave curtains that I fell in love with. I was in the middle of redoing my guest room, but I loved them so much I decided to use what I had for my guest room and use the beatiful blue curtains for my room.

My bedroom before looked like this.

Bedroom--- BEFORE... notice the bench, endtables and lamp.....I changed them all out.

Bedroom--- AFTER

Long story the time I went back to IKEA the curtains were sold out, and I was only able to buy one panel which was the sample. My original plan was to make the set of curtains into a duvet cover. I settled on making it a footwarmer instead.

I ordered the green bird fabric from It's called Aviary Moss by Thomaspaul. I ordered another fabric that had turquoise and green together....but it didn't work out, the green was way too bright! It was almost fluorescent.

I had to come up with a pillow that tied all my colors together. I sifted through my stash and found a small piece of turquoise velvet, green stripe, green linen, and some gray solid. It was perfect...and on the first try too. I love it when it comes together and I am not second guessing myself and changing my mind.

I also found some scraps of some gray/white damask fabric that I used to slipcover my lamp shades.

I also ordered this blue chevron for my chair from I don't like being super matchy, so I put together this bolster pillow out of some more scraps and some gray ribbon. I decided to not use piping on the pillows...just to give it a different feel than I normally do.

I picked up this amazing coffee table at the thrift store for $30. I loved the dark wood and the detail of the carving and the little finial things on the feet. It was perfect for a bench at the end of the bed.

I picked up the magazine basket and turquoise suit case at the thrift store as well, another $5 well spent.

I bought this turquoise artichoke votive holder at Hobby Lobby. I set it in the white bowl that Logan made me for Mother's Day a few years ago.

I kept my white duvet and bedskirt....that's why I like to do neutral duvets and slipcovers. That way you only have to switch out your pillows for a quick change.

I switched out my lamps for ones that were in the front room....a little bit more weighty and substanial.

I kept my tan curtains.... They bring warmth and they worked with the wood tones.

I ditched my black end tables that were too big and showed off all my junk underneath on the shelf. I picked up a few sewing machine cabinets at the thrift store for $15 each and used them as my new end tables. The height and scale was perfect. I also loved the dark wood. They are a little scuffed up...but like my dad used to say, "it adds character"

I kept the gray Euro pillows...they still worked with the new lamp shade covers. I also painted my armoir gray too.

Close up of the footwarmer...How beautiful is that fabric! This is what started it all......



Becky said...

You always amaze!

Unknown said...

So Pretty. Like the Chevron on the chair! Very cozy.

Cozy Cottage Slipcovers said...

Your room looks so nice. I love the whole look - especially the chevron on the chair!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

Hey Shelley,

Love every change you have made and we have very similar taste in the green bird fabric!!!.

well done!

janet xox

Barefoot Blueberry said...

What a cozy space. You do have a knack for putting things together. Thank you for sharing.

Kristi~The Slipcover Girl said...

love that chevron chair! can i come spend the night?

Katie said...

I love your bedroom space! Your makeover is gorgeous! I especially love that chevron chair! I'm featuring it tonight!

Revi said...

Love your mix of patterns and colors! I sure wish we lived closer!

Unknown said...

This look wonderful, great choice of colors and patterns, love the vintage elements. Visiting from MMS and now following!
Cathy @ Room Rx

Cassi said...

I love the bird print an the chevron is one of my favorites. Beautiful room.

Hannah {Bonne Nouvelle} said...

Nice transformation! I pinned it here. I found your blog via kojodesigns link party.

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

Just found your blog. Your bedroom looks wonderful! Love your choice of colors/fabrics. I do, however, like the pieced footwarmer you made (I had never heard of that before). Did you quilt it? It doesn't look quilted, but perhaps you tacked it in the corners of the squares? I would love to see a tutorial or some instructions of how you made the footwarmer and the chenille duvet.

Have a great day!

Lucy said...

I love the Chevron chair! I went on and searched for it. Is it the Blue Moon color? Also, did you use the indoor/outdoor fabric?

Katie G. said...

I found your blog via Pinterest. Question for you- Do you know the name of your paint that is in your bedroom? Thanks!