Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Houndstooth Wingbacks

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My client had just moved into her new home and wanted to update her wingbacks. She wasn't in love with the legs, but I liked the way they contrasted with the tan houndstooth---so we decided to do a 3/4 length skirt.


Chair---AFTER (cream/tan woven houndstooth)

 She had a matching set...so two wingback to flank the fireplace.

I love the dark wood feet peeking out the bottom. Her husband even commented and liked that we kept part of the legs showing. Pardon the wrinkles--I bring the slipcovers back folded up in a bag, they usually fall out after a day or so.

Gotta love those "telephone" arms (I don't know the official name....but they look like the old school telephones to me)--- they require more effort to join the piping and not let the fabric crawl in and pull weird once you've sewn them.

SIDE NOTE #1----

I am waiting to do an official post on my new "work studio",  I am still waiting for the sliding barn door to be installed....but in the mean time, we got the new garage floor painted. Which means we got to move everything out of a spare bedroom back into the garage. Which means I had an empty room to give a purpose to.

My sister in law who also LOVES to decorate suggested turning it into an office. I LOVED the idea, and started looking for fabrics! Nothing gets me more excited than a new space to decorate and to buy for treasures for!

Here are the beginnings of my new office!

Picked up a used desk off KSL.com (I wanted some dark wood in the room). Funny story--- I went to pick it up and turns out my sister is under contract for the house right next door. So I got to meet her new neighbor before she did.

I picked up the yellow chair from Savers and a day later decided I wanted 2 more. I sent Heber back to Savers to get them for me.

Funny story---he called to tell me they were gone, but he knew who bought them---when he got in line, my step mom was buying my other 2 yellow chairs. BUMMER. I settled on two turquoise kids ones instead. I just wanted extra chairs for when all the boys sit around the computer and play games with their friends.

Got my mirror from the thrift store for $3 and the metal bookcase/ shelf for $20. I slipcovered the lamp shade with some left over turquoise chevron from my bedroom.

This is my curtain fabric! It showed up today, and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Heber's going to help hang the rod tomorrow, so I can get these made and hung.

I am slipcovering a chair in the corner of the office in this gray/tan houndstooth.

Side note #2-- Long run this week is 18miles! Marathon is about 6 weeks out. Last week we ran 17 miles on a snow covered dirt road while it was snowing---Beautiful! But I am not going to lie---it was long and my hands got cold, and I needed more water (eating snow doesn't quench your thirst), but I did it... and now I am wrapping my head around 18 miles for this week.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chevron Nursery Rocker

My client wanted this chair done for her nursery.



I matched up the chevron on the front of the cushion.s

She ordered some awesome fabric with coral and turquoise for a little ottoman...but it hasn't come in yet, and she was having her baby in a few days. Her husband came and picked up the chair, so they could get the nursery finished.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pink Damask Wingback

My client was redecorating an office for herself. It was going to be the only "girly" room in the house, so she went BOLD.....Hot pink Damask!


Chair---AFTER (so excited to be able to take some pics in my new work studio). I was meeting this client in town and not at her house, so normally I wouldn't get to take pics. My old work room was in the basement and the lighting was bad.

 Front of arm--- she's going to paint the legs white.

 Just a bit of matching on the front of the cushion and down the front.

Side note--

Ogden Marathon is in about 2 months! Training is going good...just a lot of time to work it into my busy schedule, and those long runs take a lot out of you for the rest of the day. Next week my long run is supposed to be 17 miles.

Last week we ran 15 miles on a SUPER windy day...the first 6 miles were into the wind (not fun!).  At least it's warming up out there and we aren't running in 10 degrees anymore. I do love the open road runs, and being able to be outside.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Park City Slipcovers

My client wanted to redo some leather furniture that she had slipcovered previously. The seat cushion came off and the back cushion had been cut off.

 Leather chair--BEFORE

English rolled arm--BEFORE

Leather couch---BEFORE

 AFTER---leather couch and english rolled arm chair in the background on the right side.

English rolled arm---AFTER--done in an awesome heavy weight white linen!

Leather chair---AFTER---done in a white denim with arm pads. I made this one a bit roomier than normal to allow for extra shrinkage. My client said she washes them about once a month.

Both cushions covered separately on leather chair

 How amazing is her room!

I loved her tall linen curtains!

Leather couch---AFTER--- she wanted to keep her green seat cushion covers for now...so we just did the main body and back cushions and some arm pads to help with wear and tear.

AFTER of both chairs.

Zipper down back right side behind the piping.


Moved into my new work studio this week....here's a sneak peak! I'll do a full post next week.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Herringbone Chaise Lounge

My client chose this great tan herringbone fabric to slipcover her chaise. I didn't get a pic of the before...but it was a red denim slipcover that was faded and had seen better days. We also ordered a new down back cushion to bring new life to the piece.

Chaise--AFTER--we also did two houndstooth chenille pillows.

AFTER---subtle stripe that I matched up.

The chenille herringbone fabric was AMAZING! 

She also had me do some new pillows for her couch. She really wanted double rope. I told her it might not work out, but I'd give it a try. Rope is really hard to work with, and is really hard to join and make it  look GOOD.

 I was SURPRISED that it worked out! It was a larger black rope in the back and then a smaller gold rope in the front.

Her whole room! She had her pieces (couch, chair, ottoman) upholstered by Lenny Sharpe with Sharpe Upholstry in Midvale, UT. He does EXCELLENT work, and I always refer him.

I loved this chair that Lenny did in a great black/ cream houndstooth fabric.


Here are a few pics of the progress on my new work studio.... I started moving all my stuff in last night.  I am VERY HAPPY!!!

The walls are gray, chandelier is gold, and french doors are mossy green, curtains are blue and white.

#2--- Marathon training is going good. Ran 14 miles today. Usually it's a love/ hate relationship.... I love it when I am done. Today was a good run though, and I actually loved it out there today on the open road.

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