Monday, January 31, 2011

Another DVD tesitmonial/ baby bumpers

Hey Ladies... here's another super nice email that I recieved today about my dvd. It always makes my day to hear from some of you.

I just wanted to tell you that your DVD was better then I hoped it would be. I mean it is really, really good!! Outstanding! It has me so excited!

I love a smart talented girl.

I wish for you all the success you desire, you deserve it...its that great!

Well on another note...I am hoping to get some new pics up soon... I am dropping stuff off on Wednesday. My last batch of pics didn't turn out so well. Bad lighting, blurry, not blog worthy. SO it's not that I haven't been working, because believe me I have. Here are a few pics that did turn out.

Oh yes...I made some bumpers for my little sister...Angie is due in three weeks. She chose a solid gray to go with her bedskirt that she bought and we did a fat piping on the top of them. My other sister is 6 weeks behind her. I think this is the last round of grand babies for our family for a grand total of 21!!

She loved the way they turned out. I always make my bumpers as four separate pieces (like four pillows). I always make them 12" tall and I put 2" thick foam in them so they stand up and don't get saggy. I put zippers in the bottom, so you can reuse the foam for each baby and just make new covers if you want a change.

Oh but the other night a bunch of us went over to the church and played dodgeball in the gym...lots of fun. SO here are a few pics of that. We all dressed up to make it more fun.

Here is me wearing Heber's jersey it says, "Hebalicious"...he wore it for one of our Ragnar relay races.

Here's our team....Heber is front and center in his new Hawaiian shirt he bought from Savers (thrift store) in Maui...Yes they have a Savers there.

Here we are with Heber's knee brace, he is not fully back to normal yet from his ACL surgery last August.

The "Other Team".

Some of the boys threw quite hard...all my balls kept getting caught. That was my first time playing.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maui Trip

We had 5 days notice for this trip...I booked our room on a Saturday and we flew out on Wednesday! Nothing like last minute!

Maui was a lot of fun...sunny 78-82 degrees compared to 15 degrees at home that week. We hiked to some waterfalls and blow holes. We went on a whale watch tour. We boogie boarded. We hot tubbed. We slept in. We shopped. We went on the road to Hana.

We went on the "Blue Water Rafting" tour...which was the highlight of our week, we saw dolphins and whales about 20 feet from our raft. We got to get out and snorkel in secluded coves which were in the lava fields on the south end of the island. If you ever go to Maui, you have to go on this tour it's about $100 per person, and totally worth it. They even fed us lunch and it's a smaller group that you get to go with.

Heber and I snorkeling on the first day there.
My running partner and her husband came with us. Nice to have another girl around when the boys want to watch basketball and football every night on tv. We would go hang out in the other room and watch our shows.

Here is Heber when we went to explore the north end of the island.

Me and Camille on the north end of the island.

Heber and I on the whale watch tour. Definitely not as good as the Blue water Rafting trip in terms of seeing whales close up...but still fun.

Part of the road to Hana...we took the back way around.

I loved this turqouise church on the drive to Hana....really charming.

This was a beach in Hana

We hiked to a blowhole.

Hanging out on the beach...I think Heber is the only one that came home with a tan....I don't tan, I just get more freckles.
Heber basking in the sun on our "Blue Water Rafting Tour".

Some of the lava field rocks on our raft tour.
One more snorkeling pic...I love Maui, can't wait till next time.

Oh on a side note....I just added on a team for Del Sol Ragnar Relay....One more month and I get to run another race. My neighbor last week said she had a friend that had two people drop from her team, so we decided to take the spots last minute. CAN'T WAIT I love running the ragnar relays...they are the most fun thing you'll ever do!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another DVD testimonial

Just received another nice email today...just thought I'd share.

In the meantime, I just got back from the "Blue Water Rafting" tour in Maui. Just think of a big raft with a motor on it exploring the lava fields and lava caves on the south end of the island. We also saw whales and dolphins that were about 20 ft away from the raft...CRAZY!!! They stopped at a couple corals reefs for us to jump overboard and snorkel. Then they had lunch ready for us afterwards. I highly recommend them for a tour if you are coming to Maui. It's a smaller group size 24 max, I think we only had about 15 people.

Anyhow... onto the email.

This is Christiana. I just wanted to say hey. I can't tell you how helpful your video and sources have been in getting my business going. I'm pretty happy with how things are going....have a long way to go though! And I LOVE stopping by your website from time to time to get inspired again when I am feeling discouraged, it always motivates me to keep on going when I am thinking what in the world am I doing?!?
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.
Thanks so much for everything!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sundance Cabin Slipcovers

This job was for a cabin up at Sundance Ski Resort. The cabin has an amazing view...a whole wall of windows with the fireplace. There was no snow the day I came to pick up everything, and a week later when I came to drop it off there was tons of snow.

 This is a picture of the's purple, I know it's hard to tell

 Another shot of the before for the chair, it's purple as well.

After of the whole room, I did a couch, 2 chairs and 2 ottomans and some pillows. The couches were out of a chunky grey linen. Heavy weight and was BEAUTIFUL! The pillow were out of a charcoal dark grey and the red of course.
After of just the couch.

Pillows turned out great too. I loved all the colors and the cabin feel.

Close up of the chair and ottoman

Here is a shot of the whole room....check out those windows!!!

WELL Ladies....I am off to Maui tomorrow for a week, a condo opened up really last minute (5 days ago) with our timeshare. So I am leaving behind this 7 degree weather for 80 degree weather and some sunshine. So if I don't answer your email right away this is why.