Monday, January 31, 2011

Another DVD tesitmonial/ baby bumpers

Hey Ladies... here's another super nice email that I recieved today about my dvd. It always makes my day to hear from some of you.

I just wanted to tell you that your DVD was better then I hoped it would be. I mean it is really, really good!! Outstanding! It has me so excited!

I love a smart talented girl.

I wish for you all the success you desire, you deserve it...its that great!

Well on another note...I am hoping to get some new pics up soon... I am dropping stuff off on Wednesday. My last batch of pics didn't turn out so well. Bad lighting, blurry, not blog worthy. SO it's not that I haven't been working, because believe me I have. Here are a few pics that did turn out.

Oh yes...I made some bumpers for my little sister...Angie is due in three weeks. She chose a solid gray to go with her bedskirt that she bought and we did a fat piping on the top of them. My other sister is 6 weeks behind her. I think this is the last round of grand babies for our family for a grand total of 21!!

She loved the way they turned out. I always make my bumpers as four separate pieces (like four pillows). I always make them 12" tall and I put 2" thick foam in them so they stand up and don't get saggy. I put zippers in the bottom, so you can reuse the foam for each baby and just make new covers if you want a change.

Oh but the other night a bunch of us went over to the church and played dodgeball in the gym...lots of fun. SO here are a few pics of that. We all dressed up to make it more fun.

Here is me wearing Heber's jersey it says, "Hebalicious"...he wore it for one of our Ragnar relay races.

Here's our team....Heber is front and center in his new Hawaiian shirt he bought from Savers (thrift store) in Maui...Yes they have a Savers there.

Here we are with Heber's knee brace, he is not fully back to normal yet from his ACL surgery last August.

The "Other Team".

Some of the boys threw quite hard...all my balls kept getting caught. That was my first time playing.


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Unknown said...

Love the pictures!Glad you are getting great testimonials. You are a master seamstress!!