Friday, March 19, 2010

5x8 Trailer

Here it is... my darling 5x8 enclosed trailer that I haul all over town. Somehow I manage not to get in too tight of spots that I can't get it turned around. I used to be pretty intimidated by trying to back it up, now it's not so bad. I can fit 6 chairs between my trailer and my car. So it saves me lots of time. I don't know what I used to do without her.

Drop Cloth Slipcovers with French Welt

Before two used dated wingback chairs.
After...wingback in dropcloth.

After...a shot of the whole room
after of the couch in the other room

Close up to show the french welt.

So I have this designer client that was staging a house in Federal Heights for an open house to sell the home. He loves monochromatic and loves to use drop cloths. He always does french welt instead of piping (1/2" flat flange with kiss pleats in the corners). He bought a bunch of used furniture to fill up the empty spaces, as well as using what she had.

I had 10 days to complete the following.... 2 couches with back cushions, 2 wingback chairs, and a chair and a half with a back cushion. oh and two huge tablecloths. So I finished it in time and then the open house was pushed back a week. Gotta love it huh?

Of course I only took a before picture of the wingbacks. The other couch and chair were a yellow chenille with a very modern black/yellow diamond print on the cushions. So the change was very drastic. I loved the final look.

If you are thinking of using dropcloths...just know that they are flawed fabric and may not hold up as long as normal canvas/duck cloth/cotton will. They usually have runs of weaker spots running through them and you can only work around so many flawed areas. This designer loves it and thinks it adds to the character of the piece.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cabin Kitchen Cabinets

Before...there was a wall, but I had Heber take it out, it was between the cabinets and the dining table.

After...looking into the dining room.

The process...super fun. At least I had Camille there to help get the first coat on.


Glass tile backsplash

So last running partner, Camille came with me up to the cabin to help me start painting the kitchen cabinets. They turned out great!!! Of course they look way better in person. I think I need to have my photographer sisters come up and do my pictures justice. We went up in the middle of a snow storm with her two little kids...good times. Pulling them up in the sled with all the paint supplies and overnight gear and food up hill after we ran 8 miles earlier in the day was pure comedy!! Oh did I mention it's a 1/2 mile from the parking lot up to the cabin.

I still need to grout the backsplash, but all in all you get the idea of what I am going for. We switched out the counter top to butcher block from IKEA. The backsplash is glass tile. I got it off and it was free shipping with $150 purchase. I looked forever trying to find glass tile with turquoise and earthtones. This one didn't have any white in it and I really wanted the white appliances to look like they belonged so I bought a sheet of white tiles and popped some out every so often and put in a white tile. We still need to install the sink...but hey with the water not on yet there's no hurry right?

Now this weekend we are going to start refinishing the bathroom floor. We planned on tiling it... and bought all the supplies and hauled them all up there in the sled and started ripping up the sub floor and found the hardwood continued underneath. So Heber hauled all the tile back down to the car and I got to return everything and saved $200.

Friday, March 5, 2010

heavy weight white linen

I have 23 yards of white linen that I am selling for $9/yd. Let me know if you are interested in all or part. My company messed up my order and sent me way too much. Anyhow it is the same white linen that I used on the couch and chair a few posts down. It is beautiful and is a nice heavy weight that works great for slipcovers and duvets.

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