Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slipcover DVD Giveaway at "The Empty Nest" blog

Hey Ladies....Janet over at The Empty Nest is graciously hosting a slipcover DVD giveway for me...head on over and enter. Giveaway ends on Tuesday June 7th.

Here's a picture of Janet's latest slipcover that she has made for herself.

- Side Note #1--- I have many of you on my list for when I return from my trip mid June, which means I am now booked until July 11th. If you want on my list for July send me and email. thanks

- Side Note #2-- Luke graduated kindergarten today!!! He was darling in his little orange paper hat and tassel singing all the songs.

-Side Note #3 I am REALLY on the home stretch now...I only have a few more chairs to go before my trip next week. I am doing my last drop offs on Tuesday June 7th.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lila's chairs

There was a pair of these chairs that Lila wanted me to slipcover, using some of her fabric that she designs for Riley Blake. She had a trade show coming up and wanted to use these chairs in her booth.

Here is the before...on old kitchen chair on wheels from the thrift store. Lila's planning on using them in her office after the trade show...kind of like office chairs since they roll and spin.

Here is the after we piped with the on fabric and did the skirt in the other.

I was concerned how the tuck in would stay...so when I felt under the chair there was a small gap that led up through the tuck in area. I sewed a small piece of ribbon onto the seam allowance in the center back where the skirt was sewn on and then I sewed the other piece of ribbon on the section of the main body that tucked into the crevice. Then I put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon so I could feed it down the crevice and through the small gap....then the two ribbons met and I could tie them together to help keep the tuck in from coming out.

Lila's fabrics...how exciting to have your name on the selvage!!! Her fabric are quilt fabric that are 45" wide...so I self lined the skirts to give them a little more weight.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Drop Cloth Couch, Chair, and Ottoman with French Welt

These items were for a designers client for their office. This client likes to get all his drop cloths from Sherwin Williams, they seem to be a little bit better quality than the Home Depot or Lowes drop cloths...less flaws and bare/ thin spots.

Here is the chair before...light blue plaid with a coordinating floral.

And here is the matching couch in the same floral.

Chair after in drop cloths with french welt.

On the top back of the chair...I decided to keep the original seams and "boxed" the top edge. I played with it and decided it looked better to keep the original lines.

Close up of "french welt" which is basically piping with out the cording inside. So it's a 2" strip of fabric folded in half and sewn in the seams. Then on the corners you have to "kiss pleat" the french welting so it'll bend around the corners.

Here is the couch AFTER. Love the cleaner look without the floral and plaid...much better for a man's office.

Front of couch
Another front shot of the couch.

-- Side note... I am on the home stretch, we leave to camp at Carlsbad State beach in 2 1/2 weeks. I still have several items I am trying to finish and drop off before we leave. I am utilizing Heber (husband) for most of my drop offs. I still have a couch, 3 chairs, and two ottomans that I need to get done this week, and then I have 2 chairs, some cushions, and some bedskirts to finish the following week. Then I am going to be hanging out on the beach in Southern California for a week. Nothing like working hard before a trip!!!!
Oh did I mention...Heber has enlisted me to make a cover for our new air mattress. The last one we bought only lasted for two uses. So this time he spent alot more money hoping the higher quality will help (maybe if the kids don't jump on it...that might help too). I have some navy blue cable knit sweater looking fabric that's soft and stretchy...so I think I may use it for this project. I don't know when I am supposed to get it done though. Most likely the night before we leave.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gray Hexagon Ottoman

This ottoman was for a client that I did baby bumpers for about 18 months ago...She decided this white ottoman wasn't very practical with a one year old. She ordered this amazing gray hexagon fabric that mimicked the shape of the ottoman. I love this fabric!!!

Ottoman Before...darling but not washable.

After...ottoman slipcovered in gray hexagon fabric.
I matched the band to the skirt...I didn't worry about the matching on the top edge, since it was angled and not really possible to match on all sides. Plus we were a little tight on fabric.

Random Story about me-- When I was little I used to watch my mom sew...I would sew purses and doll clothes. When I was in 6th grade, I was going to take guitar lessons at school. My mom had an old guitar for me to use, but one problem....no case. So what was a girl to do???? I made one out of my brothers old jeans. I pieced it together and made a button opening...so kind of like a box cushion, but for a guitar and made out of white and blue levis. So I guess this would be my first "official" slipcover.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loveseat and Chair

This was for a client that purchased pieces off of KSL.com (local classifieds) to slipcover. Check out these befores!!!! Large floral and zebra...not zebra print, actual zebras walking around.

Chair before

Loveseat before

Loveseat AFTER...so went with a neutral denim/twill and to give it some detail and character we added a 2" pleat all one way along  the bottom. Her pillows are from Target.

I wrapped a band around the front of the loveseat to keep it tight and put piping along the top and along the bottom before the pleat.

Loveseat...another after
Chair AFTER...we did the 2" pleat on the chair as well. I wrapped a band around the front edge of the chair too...with piping along the top and bottom.

Front of chair.

Another After of chair....LOVE the way these turned out.

SIDE NOTE #1--Slipcover DVD giveaway going on at Jilly and Mia go check it out!

SIDE NOTE #2 ---- My moab relay race.

Here I am with some of my race girls. Only two legs each instead of three for this race. 70 miles total with 6 people on a team. Come to find out the day after the race, there was a guy that ran this thing solo! AND he finished 2.5 hrs faster than our team of 6!!!

Here we are at the start line.
Here I am running my last/ second leg....8 miles in 80 degrees. Not so used to the heat yet. I have been running all winter in gloves, scarves, hats, 2 pairs of running pants, etc. I felt good for the first 4 miles and then the heat kicked in. I still ended up averaging 8:52/ mile....so I was happy with that.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Front room and Booked Till June 9th

So I changed my mind....AGAIN. I started to feel like it was too dark without any white. So I brought back out my white slipcovers for my chairs and brought back a few white ruffled pillows that I have used in the past and my zebra pillow as well. I think I've got it right this time. I love the menswear, but I also love my white linen ruffles.

- Side note... Heber went back to work today, his knees are doing better since his surgery. Back to a normal routine, which means I need to get back to my "work" days and my "mom" days. Lately I've been working more than normal, because Heber was home to help with the kids.

-I am booked until June 9th....I have committed to several people that are having things done for the "Home Show" which is the first weekend in June. Email me if you want to get on my list for pickups or fittings around June 9th.

- I am running the Red Rock Moab relay this weekend! I have been fighting a cold for the past few days...so I hope it goes away by then.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Basement Ottoman and pillows

So I caved and bought a leather sectional for the basement... I have been talking myself out of it for the past two years. Finally, I did it! I love it! But I wanted to bring in some fabrics to add some color.

Last weekend I went on a girls night out..and we ended up at Target. I found this pillow with 9 yellow rosettes on in it. 100% me! I bought it and then got on http://www.fabric.com/ the next day to find some other fabrics to go with it for the ottoman and other pillows.

I chose a large gray houndstooth that had a texture like barkcloth.

Close up of the pillows.
Ottoman...I found this yellow geometric print...I was debating between this one and another one by Ty Pennington. Heber liked this one better, so I went with it. Then I remembered my sister had a roman shade made for her kitchen window, and from memory I was sure it was the same fabric.  Then I was really excited, because I had seen this fabric in person and knew I would love it.

Slipcovered Ottoman...check out the matching!

Pillows with the new leather sectional and ottoman.

Side Note--- boys had their first baseball game two weeks ago. The big boys are so excited to be on the same team this year! Logan played catcher and Carter played 2nd base. Luke's just excited about getting the treats after the games.

--- Just added on a team to run the Moab relay next weekend!
--- I am currently working on 3 couches, eight chairs, 4 ottomans, some cushions and pillows....I'll have lots of pictures once I finish everything.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daily Herald Article


The Daily Herald, a local newspaper wrote an article about my slipcover business. Here's the link if you want to check it out!