Monday, July 25, 2011

Reagan's bedding

This is for Camille's (running partner) daughter's room. A few months ago, Camillle and I went thrifting and searching for some fabric at the fabric store. Our original intent was to find a chair to slipcover for Reagan's room. WE found a chair at ReStore, and Camille decided that she liked it enough to leave it alone and not slipcover it.

Then we headed to the fabric store to find fabric for a duvet cover. She fell in love with this red floral...kind of antiquey with a little bit of pink...that we were hoping would tie in the chair.

She bought enough fabric for the duvet, and remembered she had a pink flat sheet at home to put on the back. I always have tons of scraps and fabrics kicking around, so I told her we'd figure out pillows later..... I had enough red for a bedskirt and Euro pillow. I used this same red fabric on some red ruffled pillows I made at Christmas time.

We wanted to make it a little bit funky and more like a "little" girls room, so I tried to mix fabrics together that were a little unexpected. I think it worked!!! I loved the way it all came together.

I had just enough pink polka dot and turquoise ric-rac to make this pillow work. The ends are the red fabric cut on the bias (diagonal) 2" strips and ruffled in the seam. No need to hem since on the bias it doesn't fray a ton.

The pillow sham was made out of this yellow print that I have always loved and have kept on hand and haven't used. I piped it out of some scrap piping that I found in my piping box.

I ruffled the Euro pillow out of the 2" bias strips as well.

Close up of bolster....the yellow dot is from the parson chairs and club chairs that I slipcovered at my cabin

Here's the chair we got and Camille painted the doll house light blue to tie in the ric rac on the bolster pillow. We are still plannning on doing a red ruffled pillow on the chair out of the small scraps of red that are left. The yarn flower picture on the wall is from Camille's Grandma's works perfect!

I am a firm believer that beds need bedskirts! I love the gathered bedskirt in this room.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

White Couch and Loveseat

This client was ready to get rid of the country blue gingham that she'd had for about 10 years, and go a with basic white. Her back cushions were attatched, so I cut them off. They had a single row of piping originally (pillow style) and we ended up boxing them to give them a cleaner look.

When I cut off the back cushions the filling wasn't was just loose polyfil that was coming out. I knew she was going to need to be able to take off the covers and wash them. So I made muslin covers to contain the batting.

Here is the before of the gingham.

After...white denim slipcovers with the back cushions "boxed" (2 rows of piping).
Front of arm


Couch and loveseat together.

You can barely see the lapped zipper on the back corner... just the way I like it.


#1 Home Fabrics in Orem, Ut is having all their cotton prints on sale again this weekend only for $3/yd (Normally $6/yd).

#2 Step Down Sale at the Design Company (2253 S. 500 E. Salt Lake) is starting.....
This week $9 yd
July 25th $7/yd
Aug 1st $5/yd
Aug 8th $3/yd
Aug 15th $2/yd


Monday, July 18, 2011

Wavy Fabric Chair

Here's the chair before...a little thread bare and worn through in a few spots. My client got this great heavy weight chenille type fabric from Joanns, during their 50% off sale last month.

Chair Before

Arms were worn through...but the chair was a great scale and super comfy and a nice size for the kids.

Here is the amazing after....I FELL IN LOVE with this chair. Look how amazing that fabric is on that shape of chair. I am not gonna took some thought to make all those wavy lines line up. I chose a stripe (orange/red) that I wanted to center, stuck pins in my chair down the center on the original fabric. Then when cutting out the cushions I centered the same stripe.

Close up of front of arm.

I ran piping along the seam where the back connected to the inside arm.

Another after. Sorry it's a little blury I am getting used to my new 50 mm. lens.

Ottoman before...simple musin covered footstool

My client chose an orange chunky weave fabric for the ottoman and we did box pleats all the way around. LOVE IT!!!

I also did another chair for her out of brown fabric with small turquoise chenille dots on the fabric. All my pics turned out really bad, the lighting in the basement didn't work out so well. I still wanted to show the fabrics together, I loved the eclectic non matchy fabrics together.

Here is a close up of the turquoise dot fabric.

Her kids were super excited about the new furniture and helped haul everything in from the trailer for me....and called dibs on their new favorite spots.

Side note--
I took my boys to Lamb Day in Fountain Green last weekend...Another parade with candy! My boys were ready with their bags. We hung out with Heber's side of the family for the parade and had lunch. Heber and all his cousins used to be the ones in the road with their bags, now it's all the grandkids.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Home Fabrics in Orem $3/yd sale on cotton prints

This is for all the local ladies....Home Fabrics in Orem is having all their cotton prints on sale for $3/yd (50% off) this weekend only. Well they aren't open on Sundays, so for tomorrow only.

I wish I could stop in, but Heber is working and a fabric store with three boys is pure torture.

Side note #1- Here are some pics from my family reunion at Bear Lake.

Here's Luke...he's ready to hit the pool....again (3 times per day)

Here I am with Logan...getting ready to see the fireworks over the Lake. It was an amazing show.

Heber and I at the firework show.

Some of the cousins stealing a snuggle from Milo.

Me with two of my sisters.

Heber loved the jet skiis so much...he wanted to go without me, so he wouldn't have to drive slow.

We headed up into the mountains for a campfire and got eaten alive by mosquitos!

Here's Carter with his little cousin.

Here's my whole family....6 kids and momma. 2 boys and 4 girls.

My boys loved the jet skiis too...except Luke, he'd only let me take him for a ride because he knew I'd drive slow.

Here's Logan holding baby Milo. Milo was hanging onto Logan's ears for dear life.

Luke lounging with Mr. Blankie on the beach.

Here are 8 of the 21 grandkids.

Logan talked Grandma into going for a ride. We all had a great time even though the Lake was really high and most of the beach was gone.

I am excited to say that after planning the last 4 brother has offered to plan the next one!!!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Slipcovers in Switzerland for Ikea Ektorp Chair

Hey Everyone....
So here's the story...a few months ago, Camille's (my running partner) aunt Susan was visiting from Colorado. She saw Camille's slipcovers and called me. I told her I couldn't help, because she was out of state...I need the chair, she persisted and said her chair was from Ikea. I told her she could mail me the original slipcover and I could make a pattern. So we chatted on the phone a few times and she ordered fabric.

Then that night I got a message from Susan on Facebook asking me if my dad was on a mission in Switzerland? She saw one of Camille's pictures on Facebook that I was tagged in with the maiden name "Chatterley", so she messaged me to see if it was a small world. Susan sat next to my dad's wife in church the Sunday before.
Susan was visiting Switzerland, because her husband was getting relocated there for work.

At this point she just thought I (Rochelle Chatterley Anderson) was one of Camille's friends whose maiden name was Chatterley. She was confused when I messaged her back and told her that I couldn't wait to see her cute fabric....She messaged back, "are you related to Shelley, why would you be excited to see my fabric". I then had to inform her that Rochelle was Shelley....TOO FUNNY!

SO dad was at their house last weekend and she took a picture of him sitting in the chair I slipcovered. Melts my heart.

Here is my Dad sitting in the chair I slipcovered for a client that moved to Switerland and by chance met my dad at church....small world!!! My dad is serving a mission in Switerland with his wife for our church.

I did a pair of chair slipcovers for Susan for her new place in Switzerland, she liked this pattern because it wasn't the typical damask or toile, and seemed "French" to her.

You can find the fabric here. It's from If you remember I used this same fabric in Turquoise on the upholstered rocker below
EKTORP Chair, Idemo black Width: 41 3/8 " Depth: 35 3/8 " Height: 34 5/8 " Seat width: 22 1/2 " Seat depth: 19 5/8 " Seat height: 17 3/4 "  Width: 105 cm Depth: 90 cm Height: 88 cm Seat width: 57 cm Seat depth: 50 cm Seat height: 45 cm
This is the  Ektorp Club Chair from Ikea. It has a seat and back cushion.

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