Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chenille bedspread chair slipcover

This chair was for my client named Holly. It was for her daughter's room. I had done a small loveseat (all white) about 3-4 years ago for her out of this same fabric, she thought we could repurpose the slipcover and take it apart and salvage the fabric to make a new slipcover for this chair....All the pieces were going to work except the loveseat arms were more shallow than the chair. She went to get more white denim and the store was all out, but she fell in love with this mint green color.

I told her we could use if for the arms and then make the piping out of it as well, to make it all make sense. Good thing for me, that way I could cut most of the slipcover apart instead of unpicking all the seams to salvage the piping.

Here's the chair before.

Here it is after...we used white denim on the seat cushion, outside back, inside back, decking, and back cushion band. The wedding ring chenille is from a vintage bedspread. I utilized the fringe around the outside of the bedspread for the hem of the skirt.

The front of the arms were the EXACT same size as the I had to unpick very carefully, I needed every 1/8" possible for seam allowances. I lined the chenille to give it more strenth, it was feeling pretty thin and not very sturdy.

Side of chair.

I lined the chenille band on the seat cushion as well as the chenille on the back cushion.
I also gathered the skirt around the front corners of the chair, to give it a little fullness.

I loved the green mixed in with the white... it made it look fresh, new, and exciting again.

Wedding ring chenille pattern is my favorite.

Side Note #1-- Here are pics from our hot air balloon ride. We went for our 14th year anniversary earlier this month.

We are in the balloon at this point, waiting for it to take off.
Here's the balloon below us...he had just gotten off the ground. We launched from the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, UT, and we landed next to a freeway on ramp in the weeds next to the Home Depot in Park City.

I guess they land wherever they can in random fields and what not. We floated over the freeway really low and all the cars and buses were waving and honking. The vans followed us around and picked us up where we landed. We were in the air for a little more than an hour.

Here they are inflating the balloons on the ground. Heber got to help hold it open while the fan and the fire blew into it. It was pretty cool and lots of fun.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Bedroom Bedding

About 5 or 6 months ago, I made a footwarmer for my bed out of fabric samples that I bought at the Orem Restore Habitat for Humanity Store. They were 10/$1. I bought a ton...made the footwarmer and then didn't feel like it looked like "me" so I flipped it over and used the solid side instead. I think it was mostly because I couldn't figure out the pillows to go with the patchwork side.

Well I was playing around with some of my old pillows from the front room, and figured it out!

Here it is...I did the brown menswear houndstooth pillow in front of the green stripe pillows and it worked for me. I then used a pea green throw blanket on the bench at the end of the bed.

Close up of the pillows....You can see what I had before here....which I still like, I just really wanted to use the footwarmer with the pieced side up. Plus it's a bonus that it's a little more masculine for Heber.

You can see the footwarmer close up favorite fabric was the gray raised chenille squares (middle right in the pic)

I have a coffee table at the end of the bed with a cushion on act as a bench, or actually a  place to drape all my clothes when I am too lazy to put them away.

All the pillows together. 3 Euros (26"x26"), 2 standard sham (20"x26"), and a kidney (14"x20")pillow. I have a California King bed. Usually you can squeeze 3 Euros on a queen as well....or you can go with 2 if you prefer.

Foot warmer. My white chenille duvet, I made out of a bedspread that I bought at Ross for $20. I just sewed a flat sheet to the back and added a zipper for the opening. It's the wedding ring chenille pattern. I've had it for about 5 years now, and I still love it.
I think I like it and I feel like it's "me"....I love the texture and interest that the footwarmer brings to the room.

Side note #1-- Heading out of town tomorrow. We are going to Yellowstone, and I am going to run the Grand Teton Relay on Friday! Heber and the kids are going to come and cheer us on along on the course.
Side note #2-- Kids start school next week and my youngest starts 1st grade! I am going to have to work just about every day next week while the kids are at school to make up for all these work days I am missing while I am out of town...yet again.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cabin reroofing project

Last weekend we headed up to our cabin in Midway, UT to reroof it. We bought the cabin 1 1/2  yrs ago and have slowly worked on projects to "fix" it up. We got it for a screaming deal of $65,000. So we were ok with all the work it was going to need.

We put the roof off last year because it wasn't leaking yet. Well this spring it started to leak in a few spots with the melting snow. So it became a priority for this year. A few months ago, I started looking for shingles on (local online classifieds). We needed about 750 square ft of shingles....retail for this amount of shingles was about $800. I got what I needed for $400 off I had to match two different shingles to get enough, but you have to look really hard to tell. When it was all said and done, we had half a bundle of shingles left!

We got up there about noon on Friday and Heber and I started stripping the original roof that was 30 plus years old (built in 1978). There was only one layer of shingles so they came up pretty easy.

See how old those shingles were???

We pushed all the shingles off the egde for the boys to pick up and load in the sled. Once they loaded the sled they hauled it down to the trailer and dumped it. You can see the black sled in the foreground of the picture.

The boys got $.50 cents each per sled full. They made 20 trips total and earned $10 each for their hard work. The boys brought their friend Spencer up to help too. I was so proud of how hard they worked. They really contributed and made a difference.

Once the shingles were stripped, Heber made a run to Home Depot to buy plywood, nails, tar paper, flashing, etc. While he did this I stripped all the tar paper and pulled all the nails from the whole roof. Let's just say I was really ready for bed that night.

We had to replace 5 sheets of plywood...their was some water damage and dry rot to some of the pieces. Here's Logan sitting on the top of the ladder. I told them no kids were allowed on the roof. They got as close as they could.

Our friend Jared came up to help us out.

Here are the kids checking out the progress on the burm behind the cabin.

Heber's brother John came up to help as well.  Yeah for extra help! The second day when they laid the roof...I spent the day cooking and cleaning and driving to the store for more water. We went through 4 cases of water in two days. It was warm up there on the roof.

Here's Carter checking out the progress from the ladder too.

Heber and the boys had to haul the 75 lb. bundles up on to the roof.

Half way done. While they were laying the roof, I had the opporturnity to drive the trailer full of old shingles to the dump with the boys. I was a little nervous about how it was going to all work out. I got it all backed in ok and then the guy tells me no one under the age of 12 is allowed on the deck....uhhh all my helpers were 11 and under. There was no way I could shovel out the whole trailer by myself. Once he saw what was in my trailer, he said they could help...but they had to stay away from the edge.

It took us about 30 minutes in a hot dirty enclosed trailer to get all the shingles out. I could feel sweat dripping everywhere. I was pretty proud of myself. I was a little intimidated, but I did it.

Here is Jared and Heber putting on the flashing right before dark on the second day. They finished right at dark, and we cleaned up in the dark. It was a long day for those boys.

Here's the new roof in the light the next day. Total we spent about $750 to reroof the cabin....not too bad.
Our "fixer upper" cabin....the stairs are still on our to do list.

Here are the boys with Uncle John the next morning. They talked him into taking them for a four wheeler ride before we headed home.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Country Family Room slipcovers

This was all for a client that just bought a house at auction and had gutted it, she was ready to pull it all together using the furniture pieces she already had. She was working with one of my favorite Interior Designer clients, Gloria. You may remember Gloria's quilt slipcover on her front porch.
We did two couches, a chair, ottoman, and a bunch of pillows.
 First couch before
Starting to show some wear.

Second couch before.. notice the flat polyfiber forms.

Chair before
Chair was showing some wear as well.

1st couch after

Second couch after. She used a brushed yellow denim on both they are super soft and snuggly.

Shot of the whole room.

Chair after. Chair had red gingham fabric used for the piping

A green ticking stripe was used for the piping on the couches.

Here are a few of the pillows we did. All the red floral pillows had a 1" pleat ruffle going all the same way.

Pillows....make such a difference and add color and finish off a room.

We switched out the flat hard polyfiber forms for 26" down forms. Down forms always make your pillow look better and more inviting and new.

Chair was out of a red matalesse damask with gingham piping. Matatlesse washes us great and is very durable...and doesn't tend to wrinkle as much as a regular cotton fabric.

Chair and ottoman turned out great!!!

Close up to show the pleat ruffle on the pillows.

The whole room looked great, Becca loved it! And I know she'll love it even more when her darling little ones get them dirty and she can take off the covers and wash them.

Side note#1
We reroofed the cabin last weekend...I'll post about it later

Side note #2
My boys are finally better...two of them got pnemonia a few weeks ago

Side note #3
Yesterday was our 14 yr anniversary! We are heading out tomorrow to celebrate. I have a couples massage scheduled, a hot air balloon ride, and then we are heading up to stay at the cabin with no kids for two nights!

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