Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Bedroom Bedding

About 5 or 6 months ago, I made a footwarmer for my bed out of fabric samples that I bought at the Orem Restore Habitat for Humanity Store. They were 10/$1. I bought a ton...made the footwarmer and then didn't feel like it looked like "me" so I flipped it over and used the solid side instead. I think it was mostly because I couldn't figure out the pillows to go with the patchwork side.

Well I was playing around with some of my old pillows from the front room, and figured it out!

Here it is...I did the brown menswear houndstooth pillow in front of the green stripe pillows and it worked for me. I then used a pea green throw blanket on the bench at the end of the bed.

Close up of the pillows....You can see what I had before here....which I still like, I just really wanted to use the footwarmer with the pieced side up. Plus it's a bonus that it's a little more masculine for Heber.

You can see the footwarmer close up here....my favorite fabric was the gray raised chenille squares (middle right in the pic)

I have a coffee table at the end of the bed with a cushion on it...to act as a bench, or actually a  place to drape all my clothes when I am too lazy to put them away.

All the pillows together. 3 Euros (26"x26"), 2 standard sham (20"x26"), and a kidney (14"x20")pillow. I have a California King bed. Usually you can squeeze 3 Euros on a queen as well....or you can go with 2 if you prefer.

Foot warmer. My white chenille duvet, I made out of a bedspread that I bought at Ross for $20. I just sewed a flat sheet to the back and added a zipper for the opening. It's the wedding ring chenille pattern. I've had it for about 5 years now, and I still love it.
I think I like it and I feel like it's "me"....I love the texture and interest that the footwarmer brings to the room.

Side note #1-- Heading out of town tomorrow. We are going to Yellowstone, and I am going to run the Grand Teton Relay on Friday! Heber and the kids are going to come and cheer us on along on the course.
Side note #2-- Kids start school next week and my youngest starts 1st grade! I am going to have to work just about every day next week while the kids are at school to make up for all these work days I am missing while I am out of town...yet again.



Unknown said...

Your bedding is very nice and cozy looking. Have fun running.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Love all those different fabrics in your footwarmer. It looks great!

Barefoot Blueberry said...

Your bedroom looks fantastic. Sometimes inspiration just takes a little time. Good Job.

Unknown said...

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