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Have you been making slipcovers for yourself, friends, and family... and now you want to venture out and make it a business? I have been running my own slipcover business for the past 13 years...and in the process I have learned a few things…

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In this 23 page PDF instant download, I share info on the following....

-Legal Stuff (DBA, Tax ID, Business license)
-Tax info (what to keep track of)
-Payment info
-Words of Advice
-How to Network
-How to do Onsite Fittings
-Equipment and Tools
-Hiring Help and How Much I Pay
-Office Stuff (scheduling, calendar, wait list, etc)
-Photography Tips
-How to Order supplies (zippers, piping, down cushions)
-List of Suppliers

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My slipcover business has been a HUGE blessing to me and my family. I love being creative and found out I have a HUGE passion for decorating and fabrics. It is such a part of me! It's my talent...it's my thing. It's what gets me excited!

The extra $ has enabled us to become debt free including our home and cabin. I never would have envisioned 13 yrs ago, when I showed up to my first onsite fitting with my 3 month old baby in tow what my business would flourish into! At the time, I was just trying to do my part to make ends meet. I went from full-time work to part-time as an assistant manager at Bath and Body Works after I had my baby. Things were TIGHT!!! After slipcovering on the side for the 1st year of my baby's life, I took the leap of faith and quit my job and have never looked back!

I love being my own boss, and making my own schedule, and being in control of how many trips I want to take. Yes, it's a challenge to stay balanced at times and meet client deadlines, but I would never go back! The pay is WAY better and the satisfaction of turning an old piece into something beautiful is much more rewarding. I love what I do!

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