Friday, January 1, 2016

Shabby Chic ruffled slipcovers

My Client wanted to keep the Shabby chic ruffled slipcovers--but wanted them in white linen instead. She actually made the existing yellow slipcovers herself years ago---she did a great job! But this time she didn't want to make them herself. Which is great! I always love visiting her in her beautiful home and catching up on our families.

Chair--BEFORE-- these chairs are a family heirloom, rust and all! Simply beautiful!


I did 1.5" blind hem and ironed all the gathers down, so they would drape down nicely and not be poofy.

I tied the bows directly onto the posts--to eliminate bulk on the slipcovers themselves. Bonus--when you wash the slipcovers the ties won't need to be ironed flat to look good again. I can't take credit for this idea--my client did the original slipcovers that way. She wanted everything to be exactly the same, except smaller piping and white linen.  

Her home is truly amazing! All the natural light with the fresh snow outside made for great pictures!

Side Notes--Had some great time off with my family this holiday season! 
 We stayed at the cabin on Christmas night--there was about 3 ft of fresh powder! The boys couldn't resist jumping from the deck into it.

 We hiked up to Diamond Fork Hot springs--which is in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. It was amazing! We even stripped down to our suits and got in. 20 degrees outside and 12 mile roundtrip hike. I am always up for an adventure.

The cousins came to the cabin to play time in the snow. It was pretty cold outside about 15 degrees, so not much sledding happened. The boys worked with Heber on turning their teepee into an igloo. 

It's not Christmas without a family party and ugly Christmas Sweaters... 

Or kissing pictures!

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These are absolutely gorgeous!!

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