Friday, January 22, 2010

Midway new little project

So we just bought a darling little cabin in Midway, UT. I have been buying used furniture like crazy trying to furnish the place. It's small, only 720 square feet. It has lots of charm though, amazing wood floors throughout and light blue stairs heading up to the loft. I love light blue /turquoise, so it was perfect to decorate around the stairs. It also has a huge deck.

I am planning on painting the white trim a mossy green color. The place definitely needs alot of work, but for the price we couldn't be picky. Oh by the way we got it for $65,000. I am the queen of good I am still in shock that we got it for that price in Midway, UT.

Here is the family room where my husband removed two small walls to open up the space. This is the before picture of the sectional that I got for $50 off The chairs here I slipcovered in a yellow tiny polka dot that I got for $3.50/yd off of I got the two club chairs for $5 each off

another before picture of the sectional. The ottoman was given to me from my fabulous sister, who also donated the headboard, tan duvet and turquoise dining table.

Here is the after picture of the sectional. I got the turquouise fabric for $3/yard from Home Fabrics in Orem. The floral and stripe fabrics were from Home Fabrics as well. I bought them over the summer for another project and never used them, so they worked out well with my whole color scheme.

Here is the loveseat that I slipcovered in the loft. The loveseat was left at the cabin when we bought it. The fabric is a steel blue matalesse, which I got from the Design Company in Salt Lake (2253 S. 500 E.) during their step down sale 2 years ago for $2/yd. By the way their step down sale is going on right now. I believe next week is $5/yd and then the following week is $3/yd and then the week after that it's $2/yd. I love this sale. They do it about twice a year. I got the darling ottoman from my other sister and I covered it in a tan chenille houndstooth.

Here is the master bed in the loft area. Luckily all I had to make was the two pillow shams and the white linen pillow with a 1" pleat ruffle. I got the lamps at TJ MAXX in draper for $30 each. The fabric for the shams was given to me from my upholsterer. The white linen pillow is made from a white linen napkin. The end tables I picked up from DI (thrift store) for about $15 each and I painted them a steel blue and then rubbed a walnut stain on them. I got the bedskirt from Savers for $5 and the Duvet is from Down East Home that my sister let me use.

Here is the bunk room for my three boys. The bunkbeds were left at the cabin when we bought it. The duvets I made from the same steel blue matelesse that I used on the loveseat. I simply put a flat sheet on the back and put a zipper in the bottom. The pillow shams are made out of a fabric I bought from Home Fabrics on clearance for $2/yd and I put a tan linen scrap fabric on the back. The bolsters I made a few years ago for my boys room... they are made out of a navy blue linen with white chenille ends. I love throwing white in the mix to brighten things up.

Here you can see the fabrics a little better.

Here is the dining room, that is still a work in progress. I am still waiting patiently for my husband to hang my chandelier that I got off for $35. I got 6 parsons chairs for $40 total off KSL as well. They were a bright pink color, so I slipcovered them in my darling mustard yellow polka dot, and did a two inch pleat ruffle along the bottom. I got my white curtains from IKEA for $15/pair. They had tab tops, which I don't like, but for the price I sewed them down and fed the rod through the back of them. I LOVE this table!!!

So far I have sewn... 2 duvets, 4 pillow shams, 13 pillows, 2 ottomans, 1 loveseat, 1 sectional, 2 club chairs, and 6 parson chairs for this darling getaway. I guess I can't feel too bad when I send my husband up to remove walls, move electrical, and fill in overlooks. I guess I can say I've done my part.

I decided to use light blue/turquoise in every room and then throw in a different color to mix it up. So in the bunk room I used light blue/navy blue/and tan. In the loft I used light blue/tan/white. In the family room and dining room I used turquoise/ mustard yellow/ white.
In the kitchen I am going to put in a butcher block counter top and 1" glass mosaic tile (steel blue/gray/white) on the backsplash. I am going to paint the cabinets blue, and hang a black chandelier. I'll post pictures later in the spring when it's finished.


white linen couch and chair

So I had two sisters call me that both wanted white linen makeovers on their furniture. They turned out fabulous. I was able to order the linen through a supplier and the weight was a little heavier than normal, which was a pleasant surprise. The feel and weight of it after it was prewashed was yummy!

Chair before

Chair after with a 3" pleat skirt going all the same it!!!

Couch after...I was so excited to put it on, I forgot to take the before picture.


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