Monday, October 29, 2012

Cream Duck Cloth Sectional

Freshen up your furniture and get your house ready for the holidays!


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My client had this large slipcovered chocolate brown sectional, but because the way this room faces, it doesn't get much light. She wanted the room to feel lighter. She chose a cream duck cloth and prewashed 50yds of it


Front of arm

 She kept her existing pillows--- I loved the light blue color of her walls!

So much brighter! Best part is she can switch between both slipcovers to change up her look (summer and winter)

Side note--

We've been saving up since we paid off the cabin to pay cash for Heber's new car...which we might be getting this week! I am bit excited, this will be the first time we have paid cash for a car (my dream come true...besides staying at a beach house for Christmas)!

 I don't like things to go to waste--so I am feeling a bit anxious that his current car is still running (230,000 miles), so part of me feels like we should wait till it dies. On the other hand we found an awesome deal! So sometimes it's better to be prepared and buy on your own terms. Right?


Monday, October 22, 2012

White Matelesse Chaise and Affiliate Program

First off....I want to announce some exciting news! I have started an affiliate program for my "How to Slipcover" DVD and "Pillow Talk" ebook

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Onto my slipcover post.....

My client inherited this awesome chaise from her grandma. She loved the shape, but the fabric wasn't her style.

Chaise--BEFORE-- I love those legs!

Chaise---AFTER---she decided to add a 3/4 length gathered skirt. It already had a down seat cushion....perfect!

Outside arm

I loved her little bird pillow!

Gathered skirt--

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jen's Sectional

First off still booked till end of me if you want on my list

Jen over at Tatertots and Jello had me do her sectional last year in turquoise...which turned out GREAT! But she decided she wanted a neutral option to mix it up. She chose a gray duck cloth from 

Here's her sectional---BEFORE...huge and brown.

Sectional---AFTER in gray duck cloth. I LOVE gray! Look at all her awesome halloween pillows! 

She decided to keep the same skirt as the turquoise sectional. Love it!

Side Notes--

-I've got some new ideas running through my head...affiliate program for my dvd and pillow ebook, and an advanced slipcovering guide (tips for matching, telephone arms, wingbacks, stripes, fitting on site, waterfall skirt, cutting off back cushions, etc). Anyone interested in either of these?

- Heber and I are talking about buying a rental property in our neighborhood. Just trying to gear up for the thought of paying off another mortgage. Rates are awesome and prices are low... how can I say no to a good deal?

-7th grade math and soccer with all three boys is keeping life interesting!

-I caved to peer pressure and signed up for the Ogden full Marathon lottery, we find out next month if we have a spot. I am such a sucker!

-Had a great birthday this week--went to lunch with my sisters and received many treats from all my neighbor friends. Who needs to make dinner when you can eat cupcakes, cookies, and homemade almond joys?

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Matelesse Bedspread Slipcover

 Chair--BEFORE---Darling, but she wanted it white.

Chair--AFTER---white matelesse with gathered skirt. Queen size bedspread...used it all


Left the scalloped edge of the bedspread on for the bottom edge of the skirt.

I dropped the skirt a few inches down from the decking so it would hang down better.

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