I can only do local work to SLC, UT (Wasatch Front). I need the furniture to fit.

*Chair $325-375 (8-10 yards)
*Loveseat $475-$555 (12-14 yards)
*Couch $525-$650 (16-20 yards)
Ottoman $175 (3-4 yards)
Parson Chair $175 (3 yards)
*Loose Back Cushions-- Add $40 each to base price (about 1 yard extra per cushion)

Delivery fee $35 (total drop off/pickup)

Pillow with piping $25-$30 (labor only)
Pillow with ruffle $35-$45 (labor only)

I am no longer offering services for window seats, outdoor patio cushions, box cushions, glider cushions, baby bumpers, duvets, or bedskirts. I have gotten too busy and need to just specialize in slipcovers and throw pillows. Thanks for understanding.


pat said...

Does your pricing include fabric? If not what is the additional cost of 20 yards linen to do a 3 cushion couch w attached back pillows. And or do you or can you still sell the white linen, pale gray or pale lavender linen? Not sure of weight or a good source. Looking to slip cover a couch, some what if a fitted look. Thank you, patty

pat said...

Sorry, probably shouldn't read so late at night....I see just labor. Can you recommend source for 100% linen and in what weight? You say you dont do long distant work. Not even if I sent you the measurements with pic's? I do sew...just dont have the time!