Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slipcovered Host and Hostess chairs

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Lorraine had me do these chairs about a year ago, but my after photos were not so good because of the lighting--So when I dropped off her white arm chair a few weeks ago, I took new photos.

Chair--- BEFORE

Lorraine's inspiration photo she pulled out of a magazine/ book (not sure which one)

Lorraine's Chair--AFTER--- tan ticking stripe fabric, with 2" ruffle

 Front view

 FYI--- I just saw this fabric at my local "Home Fabrics" store on 7200 s. in SLC, UT. It's beautiful, the tan is a tiny herringbone tone on tone texture and after it's washed up it feels like heavy weight linen and drapes beautiful.

Back view

Side Note---
Many people know my sister and I are a bit of Christmas scrooges. SO this year we decided to skip the gifts and rent a beach house in Southern California instead. The kids are on board and my dream is coming true!

 Can't wait to hang out with them for a full week with no distractions (work, email, phone calls, etc). We are planning on using the hot tub, playing in the sand (even if we are wearing sweaters), bike rides, Christmas movies, etc.

I am all about trips and would rather make memories than give my boys another remote control car that they break in two days (true story--last year). They never remember what we gave them the year before...but they will always remember our trip to the beach house with the cousins.

Pic of the beach house we are renting for Christmas week.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wood Arm Chair Slipcover

I am booked till me if you want on my list for January.

Lorraine has been my client for YEARS (probably 10 or 11 years)!  I have slipcovered numerous chairs, couches, ottomans, tables, lampshades (see the one in the corner below), etc. She is a huge fan of white. 

She brought me an antique arm chair with beautiful wood arms and legs. Somehow I forgot to take the before pic...oh's the AFTER!

AFTER---- LOVED it! She used a delicate white linen, so of course I had to line it. The underneath was a dark green color.

We decided to do ties on the back instead of velcro...just to add some more detail.

 Front of chair.

She has the most beautiful many antiques and collections!

 Front of arm detail...I continued the piping around the wood and then the skirt wrapped around and velcroed closed around the corner.

Over time, I have found it easier to do piping around the arm looks better too.

She also had me do this darling little bench. She's going to use it as a piano bench. I did do some ties that wrapped around the front legs under the skirt to help keep it in place more.

She had me use the same white linen as the wood arm chair.

Side Note-- I always take December off every year....I am piling up projects and things I want to get done that month.

*I have 2 chairs for myself that I want to slipcover.
*Clean out some closets
*Organize my recipe folder
*Write Christmas letter
*Print some photos
*Bake pumpkin cookies
*Head to the cabin
*Sew some christmas jammies for the boys

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blue Couch

First off-- I am booked for the year, email me if you want on my list for January.

This client had me do a three chairs about a year ago, and decided her couch needed to be updated as well.

Couch--BEFORE-- blue plaid, showing some wear on the corners of the cushions

Couch--AFTER-- solid blue heavy linen looking fabric.

 Couch--AFTER! I know it looks close to the same as the before---but the plaid was looking worn and faded.

Front of arm

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ikat Chevron Ottoman

I was meeting up with this client in town...since she lives a bit far from me, so I snapped a few pics at my house before I met her. 

Ottoman---BEFORE---a bit worn and the kids got some pink marker on it.

Ottoman--AFTER-- Beautiful tan/navy Ikat chevron fabric with a bark cloth texture. 

The new ottoman is for her playroom---great to be able to take it off and wash it with the kids.

 SIDE NOTE---Just booked flights to Maui for January! We ended up with enough sky miles to book both of our flights for FREE! I finally got smart and signed up for a credit card that offered skymiles.

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Jan's White Linen Couch

First off--- I AM NOW BOOKED FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! email me if you want on my list for January. 

This couch was for my sister in law that lives in Reno. I took it back when we went for Seth's homecoming a few weeks ago.

Couch--BEFORE-- great shape I love the english rolled arms, but she wanted something brighter for her room.


Please forgive the wrinkles---I had it folded up in a bag for the 8 hour drive to Reno. Then I literally put it on and took pictures right before we headed home...Heber was in the car with the kids waiting for me.

She chose a beautiful white linen that draped perfectly.

Here's her whole room---I slipcovered the 2 chairs a few years ago. Everytime they come up to visit, she throws a piece of furniture in her car for me to slipcover.

Side Note--- Ran Red Rock Relay this past weekend with a bunch of people from my neighborhood. The race is from Brianhead Resort to Zions...188 miles with 12 people on your team.

Here we are at the finish line! I was in van 1 this time...which means I got to shower before van 2 finished the race.

Here I am running my first leg of 8.4 miles (I averaged 8:45 per mile...yea!) My second leg was 4.6 miles and the first 2.5 miles of it was uphill, I averaged 9:45 per mile. My third leg was 2.6 miles and I averaged 8:45 per mile.

Here I am at the start line with Heber.

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