Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ikat Chevron Ottoman

I was meeting up with this client in town...since she lives a bit far from me, so I snapped a few pics at my house before I met her. 

Ottoman---BEFORE---a bit worn and the kids got some pink marker on it.

Ottoman--AFTER-- Beautiful tan/navy Ikat chevron fabric with a bark cloth texture. 

The new ottoman is for her playroom---great to be able to take it off and wash it with the kids.

 SIDE NOTE---Just booked flights to Maui for January! We ended up with enough sky miles to book both of our flights for FREE! I finally got smart and signed up for a credit card that offered skymiles.

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Renae said...

Love that fabric.

Unknown said...

Lovely as usual. I love to check out your latest work and see all the variety of fabrics and styles of furniture....The Ikat is big right now....I just finished up an ottoman too for the same reason. SO nice to be able to wash it when you have kids!