Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gloria's Blue club chair

This chair was for Gloria's client...we did a pair of these for her. Here is the before a chair with bunnies and dogs on it.

Before chair

After...she chose a thick blue suede type fabric, again I wasn't sure if it was going to mold the curves correctly because the backing on the fabric was stiff, but it worked out.
Here is a close up of the inside wing with the pillows. Loved the pillow fabrics and how they made the chair pop.

Close up of the front corner

Side Note--- here are some pics from our trip to Carlsbad State beach.

Here's Carter surfing all by himself...Heber rented two boards for a day, and the boys loved it so much he ended up buying a surf board from Costco while we were there. Then one of our neighbors had to strap it down on top of their car to get it home for us.

Here's my Carter.
Here's Logan surfing it up too. I was amazed at how fast they picked it up.

Here is Heber and I.

Luke stuck to the boogie boarding and shell collecting.

These were the stairs we had to walk down to the beach everyday. Luke would wake me up every morning ready with his bucket in hand ready to go walk the beach and collect shells. I used to be an avid shell collector when I was little (I grew up in Southern California). So I started to look forward to his darling wake up nudging efforts.

Here's a picture that we got of the whole family right before we got in the car to drive joke Luke wore that outfit everyday we were there, that BYU jersey was NASTY by the time we left.
This is a picture of our Van that ran Wasatch Back last weekend

Here I am right before running my first leg of 3.2 miles.

Side Note #2- I am booked until the end of July, email me if you want on my list.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Denim chair with ticking stripe piping

Just got back from running Wasatch Back Relay this past weekend...had a blast like always. This race is from Logan to Park City, Ut. The best part was Heber pacing me on a bike during my ten mile night run at 3am on a trail beside Echo Resevoir with the full moon. My legs were 3.2 miles flat, 10 miles with a little bit of uphill, and 3.2 miles super steep the whole way (Ragnar hill).

Anyhow onto my slipcover post...this was for my upholster's client. I loved the orange leather and joked about redoing one of my chairs for the clinet if I could keep this orange one.

They chose a dark denim for the main body and used a navy/white ticking stripe for the piping. I loved the way the contrasting piping framed the chair, and showed off the great lines of it.

Before...Orange Leather

After with dark denim with ticking stripe piping. Sorry another picture in the driveway...which means Heber was dropping this one off for me.

Sorry the ticking stripe doesn't show so well in this pic.
I loved the lines of this chair...we did end up doing velcro under the very edge of the chair, and I sewed the other side of the velcro the the seam allowance on the piping along the bottom edge. This way it keeps the slipcover in place after it's sat in. The leather made it sort of slippery and would slide up.

Back corner
Front edge...I angled the seam from the inside arm to the outer edge, so the bottom edge would look cleaner.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tan chenille club chairs

I made it back from my trip to California...the beach was great, I haven't slept that good in weeks. My mind was free from all thoughts and worries, and the sound of the waves helped too, as well as my two oldest boys sleeping in their own tent.

Anyhow...these chairs were for a client in Park City. Her designer chose a neutral chenille fabric, and we kept the skirt height the same.

Sorry more pics in the driveway, I have been swamped, so when possible Heber has been doing my drop offs for me...I can't expect him to take my pictures for me too.

Chair before

Chair after
I decided to do a double row of piping down the arms...because the original lines would only work for upholstry. I like the way it turned out. The fabric was a little thick, so I wasn't sure how it was going to lay...but it layed smooth and hugged the lines of the chair.

Here you can see the double piping on the arms

I did a set of here you can see them side by side after and before
Here's the original arm...that wasn't going to work for me with a slipcover, see how it's piped around the arm about 3 inches down?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yellow/ Pink Paisley chair....and out of town till June 15th

This was for a repeat client...I think the first couch I did for her was 7- 8 years ago..and we've done some other things in between, she just moved into a new house up in the avenues in SLC. So it was time to redo a few things. I think these chairs were from her mother in law. Anyhow, she chose a great paisley fabric to replace the black floral.

Chair Before

Chair after
Of course I had to do some matching....

Side Note--- I am finally finished with as much sewing as I can get done, and now I am heading to California to camp at the beach for 5 nights. Heber has been running errands and packing the car most of the day, I on the other hand sewed all day. The kids are excited to get their own treat bag for the drive. I am still being optimistic that I'll have time for a run in the morning before we head out at 10am....hmmm my house is a mess, it's 11pm and there's still more packing that needs to be done.

I may check my email periodically while I am gone...but I can't make any promises. If you want on my wait list for July, just send me an email and I'll answer you when I return.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Chenille stripe couch

This couch was for a client that I originally slipcovered about 8-9 years ago. She was ready for a change from the olive green chenille damask.

She also wanted to change the couch a bit too. She wanted to go from a two cushion seat to a one cushion seat. She also wanted to change the two back cushions to 3 Euro size pillows. She also decided to elminate the skirt and let the legs show.

Here's the picture of the before...the seat covers were already off when I got there. I gave her homework (hand sew the two seat cushions together with upholstry thread or dental floss). Then I would batting wrap the large single cushion and put the new cushion cover on. She also removed the skirt underneath the slipcover to show off the legs.

Here you can see how she hand sewed the seat cushions together. I thought this would work best to keep from seeing a divet in the middle of the single cushion.
Here is the after. She was worried about the Euro pillows getting saggy (they are down filled) and being able to feel the frame of the couch through them. So I batting wrapped the pillows 1 1/2 times each to make them full and thicker. I thought the single seat cushion thing worked out beautifully! No divet!

Front of the arm with the exposed legs.
The couch in the room.

Close up to show the chenille texture.

Side note--- Here we are at Luke's kindergarten graduation.

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