Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blue Paisley Swivel Rocker Chairs

This was for a client's son. She called me from Texas and shipped me the fabric. Her son lived locally, and she wanted to redo these chairs for his new place that he'd just bought a few months before.

Here are the chairs before....cream velvet from the seventies.... But they were comfortable, swiveled and rocked.

Here are the chairs after in a great blue paisley....manly enough for a bachelor pad right? Did I mention his mom is a designer?

Another after shot of the front of the chairs together. He also had this great modern oval shaped coffee table, I loved it with the chairs. I also did a little bit of matching along the front.


We raised the skirt height to update the chairs a bit.

Matching along the front cushion and skirt.

I also ran piping down the inside arms, just to polish it off a bit.

Side Note----

Hope everyone had a great time this holiday season. I've enjoyed having the past two weeks off work. I cleaned out a junk room and turned it into a guest bedroom...I'll post pics later. I ordered fabric to change things up in my bedroom...the fabric should be here tomorrow!!! I even ended up pulling off a Christmas card last minute with my sisters help...I literally mailed them off 2 days before Christmas.

Best part of all....Heber ended up getting Christmas off this year (a guy called him a week before Christmas and needed him to work a trade for him for the next day, and he said if he worked for him, he'd work Christmas for Heber!!!!). Heber is a fireman and has worked the last 3-4 years on Christmas day. So I was SUPER excited that he could have it off.

So with the change in plans....we decided to do CHRISTMAS at our Cabin! We wrapped up all the gifts and packed up the kids and headed to the cabin. It was the best Christmas ever.... we chopped down a tree and decorated it, watched Christmas movies, drank hot chocolate, ate cookies, sledded, and the boys were all so good and nice to eachother! We also surprised the boys...their main gift was a trip to Maui as a family....we leave Jan 5th! Despite the frozen drains and 15 degrees when we arrived and Luke's huge bloody nose episode in the middle of the night.....WE had a great time at the cabin!

Here is the picture I used for our Christmas Card. Luke didn't want his picture taken. No stress picture, I didn't even pick outfits out...."lower my expectations" has been my theme for the past few months...trying to get through my busy peak season work time.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red/ white striped chair

This client recieved this chair from her mother-in-law and loved the petite shape of it for a bedroom chair.

Before....a little bit dated.

She chose a red/white stripe for the slipcover....perfect for holiday time too.

Front of arm

Kiss pleat on the upper back.

Since the scale of the chair was smaller and petite, I kept the original skirt that it stayed in scale with the size of the chair.

Front of chair.

Side note--- I am pushing through my list and trying to finish all my work by the end of next week, then I can get ready for the holidays....or at least clean out my work room and organize it, and redo the guest bedroom.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gray couch and chair

This client had white slipcovers for her couch and chair, and she had really wanted gray. She attempted using rit dye on one of them, and it turned purple, so she decided to just start over and buy gray fabric.

Couch and chair before....muslin covered furniture. Her original white slipcovers had a skirt to the floor, so she decided for a change to let the legs show and not do a skirt.

Chair before.

Chair after in the charcoal gray fabric. I loved her yellow curtains!

Chair after, I also liked her eclectic pillows...they worked great.

Couch after.

Front of the arm.
Chair front.

Couch cushions.

Couch after.

Front of chair.

Side note- Thanksgiving was lots of fun...we spent it in Reno with most of my family. Five out of the six siblings and 18 grandkids. Lots of food, shopping, indoor swimming, and paintball shooting. Then our car broke down in Wendover, NV on the way home about midnight and 27 degrees outside. It ended up being the transmission, and we had to stay the night in a hotel and rent a car to get the rest of the way home. Then four days later Heber got to drive the rental car back to pick up our car. I love renting smoke smelling and dog hair covered cars for $60/ day. They didn't offer one way rentals, so we had to rent it for 4 days till our car was done. AWESOME!