Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cream Linen Loveseat and Chair

 Chair---BEFORE--muslin covered ready for a slipcover



 Loveseat--AFTER-- cream linen with a 7" gathered skirt.

Whole room---light and airy.

 Front of arm

The following is some pillows and pad that I dropped off a few weeks ago---I loved all these colors together, my client did a great job picking out fabrics!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Green Lattice Loveseat

My client had this little hide a bed loveseat at the end of her bed, that her grandchildren use when they sleep over. It had a light blue linen slipcover on it that had been loved to pieces... literally. The arms were shredded.


Loveseat--AFTER -- her daughter in law helped her pick out this great green lattice print. It was an outdoor fabric, but it washed up beautifully.

There was ALOT of matching with this piece. First off the fabric wasn't wide enough, and the print couldn't be railroaded (run sideways) I had to match up and piece for the width. Then the skirt had to match up to the front of the cushion, to the top of the cushion to the back cushion.

It all worked out...and then on top of that I had to match up the arm pads too.

Since it is a hide a bed that gets used often, she wanted easy access--- I installed two zippers head to head at the back of the decking, so all she has to do is unzip to access the bed.

The tricky part was because the love seat had T cushions the zipper had to wrap around the front of the arm, so the bed wouldn't rip the slipcover when taking it out.

You can see here where I had to match up the band and edge of the top cushion to get the width.

 How cute is this room! My client is a widow and loves to have the grandkids sleepover.

Side Note---#1 Trying to wrap it up for the year, I have two more drop offs and then I am done!

Side Note--#2 We are making progress on our new project. We are converting our garage to my new work studio and building a new detached garage.

Side Yard--BEFORE--- we are building a garage where the large willow tree is. We planted this tree when I was pregnant with my first baby, so I was a little sad ripping it out. It has grown a ton and started to shade our garden area---which stopped growing, hence the space could be better used for a garage.

Here is the tree dismantled. The boys and their friends were a huge help!

Here's the AFTER demo---got the fence, concrete, basketball hoop, and tree removed. Concrete and footings are being poured tomorrow!

Of course I had to start doing some shopping for my new space! I picked up this large hutch off for $175. This is the picture from the listing---it's way prettier in person! Tons of storage for zippers, thread, and fabric! It's 7 feet tall and 6 ft wide.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

16 Dining Chairs

I have to admit, I lost sleep over these 16 dining chairs with separate seats and backs. I was trying to figure out how to go around the back post and velcro the skirt closed and make it look good. 

The chairs underneath are gray leather with large nail head trim with no skirt. The client felt like the dining room was cold and wanted to add some fabric with a skirt to the floor.

Here is the drawing my designer client drew up for me to show me what he wanted.

AFTER---of course the white linen backs had to be lined. They only wanted black toppers for every other chair and then the picture frame fabric in between (some are square and some are oval).

The topper fabric was a shiny black chintz---so it looks somewhat like leather. The designer decided no piping---which I thought turned out nice.

I did attach some ribbon ties under the skirt next to the back legs, so I could strap the seats on more securely....since they are leather and slippery seats underneath.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red Basket Weave Chair

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My client chose this great heavy weight red basket weave fabric. It was literally like a blanket...super thick. Luckily she didn't want a skirt. I don't think I could have done one with this fabric.
Chair--BEFORE--- muslin covered and ready for a slipcover. 

 Chair--AFTER---great red chenille fabric.

 Back cushion and outside arm

 I loved it with her cow ottoman and floral chair--I love mixing patterns and textures, and having an unexpected piece.

Front of chair--- I made the front part under the cushion extend over to the outside arm, so the front panel would look cleaner.

SIDE NOTE---- My sister just finished putting together my Christmas card. My youngest lost his tooth the day before we took pics!

 Front of card

 Back of Card--- We joked that the boys were lowering each other down to catch lizards.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dining Chairs

My client wanted to switch it up...and get slipcovers made for her dining room. She chose this great fabric with fall colors.


Chair--AFTER---I piped out the arms and inside arms. Tuck in around the seat, and matched up the band on the front.

Whole dining room together!


Side Note---- Demo of our fence and large willow tree has begun and our new garage is going to be built next month. Then we will start on converting our old garage to my new "work studio"!

Here is my inspiration pic of how we may fill in our garage door for the work studio, except there will be 5 sections and two of them will open I can move furniture in and out.

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