Friday, January 13, 2012

Host and Hostess chairs

This client was in the middle of remodeling and trying to finish by Christmas. She had me slipcover the Host and Hostess chairs (chairs at the head of the table) in a gray menswear type fabric. First of all I love gray and I love menswear! She decided to keep the red parson chair slipcovers for Christmas.

I just finished the new covers for the red chairs today and will be taking them back next week.....I am so excited to take them back and see it all put together. She's doing an eclectic menswear type theme. Some of the parsons are going to be black/cream damask and some of them are going to be this awesome navy blue chenille design fabric. So watch next week for some more pics with her new parson slipcovers.

Hostess chair before...great lines and beautiful legs. She bought the chairs from DownEast Home.  I believe they are from Pottery Barn.

After in the gray menswear fabric.

I did a band around the front with piping along the top edge.

This fabric was great, it shaped really well to all the curves of this chair.

Side view.

Another side view.

The whole room....I was able to miss all the construction in this shot, her whole kitchen was being worked on. She's planning on changing out the valances for the new menswear look, once I get her other chairs back.

I love the look with the host and hostess chairs being a different fabric.

Another shot of the room.

Here is my clients inspiration picture for her BEAUTIFUL is this room???!!! I love all the menswear influence and all the eclectic fabrics. The chandelier is awesome too!


Here is my little guy (our little elf) on Christmas Day. He put this old costume on a few days before Christmas and was dancing around in it....Heber's mom made this clown outfit for Halloween when Heber was about a year it's 37 yrs. old!  A bit snug on a 7 yr. old.....hahahaha.  Anyhow we had him put it on and carry in the gifts to Heber's family. We thought it was hilllarious!

Maui was great! The boys loved going there for their first time...we snorkeled, whale watched, went to a Luau, surf lessons, and went on a blue water rafting tour.

Here we are on a drive around the north end of the island...we got out to check out all the surfers on the huge waves! The call that area "Jaws"

Here are my two oldest boys heading out to their surf lesson.

We rented snorekling gear for the week for all the boys....they loved it! By the end of the week, the older two were snorkeling out in the ocean without their noodles. They loved seeing all the fish and turtles.



Brandi said...

I Love the chairs! You did a great job! I have plans to do something similar....some chairs in different fabrics. But I have a square table so I'm not sure it would look good with 1/2 the chairs one way, and the other 1/2 another way.

Just the red chairs could be from Pottery Barn...I have them :)

Cozy Cottage Slipcovers said...

I love the fabric on the host chairs. Conformed nicely to the shape. Can't wait to see the finished look. Love the inspiration picture!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Glad you had a wonderful trip! I *love* the red and gray combination of the chairs. Can't wait to see the rest!

Tiffany Interiors, LLC said...

Beautiful job! I love the gray fabric.

Grover said...

I have to tell you this, it got me staring at my monitor screen so much I started touching it to try to know how soft that gray fabric is. Then I realized that I was just looking at a computer monitor! LOL. My admiration goes to your creativity.

Grover Gatchel