Friday, June 8, 2012

Nursery Chair

First off Holly over at BITS OF EVERYTHING is hosting a giveaway for my Pillow Talk- ebook. Head on over and check it out. I gave her a copy of the book and she made all 5 pillows that I demoed in the book for her porch. I am also offering her readers a promo code for the ebook.


This client wanted to redo a chair for her nursery. I loved her vision...dark gray with white piping...TURNED OUT AMAZING....
Chair--- BEFORE...a little dated and floral.

Chair- AFTER


Check out this amazing nursery! Her mom came and stenciled her wall! She also made the bumpers for her...she did a GREAT JOB!

 Love the ruffled pillow that she got from Anthropologie.


The back cushion was originally pillow style with a single row of piping. I boxed it and made it have two rows of piping. I like boxed cushions better, and almost always change them.

SIDE NOTE---- More pics from our projects last weekend at the CABIN. I love to see my boys helping and working. I joke that I bought this place to teach my boys how to work.

Full shot of the place---

 We put some gravel underneath the now hopefully the boys won't get so dirty and messy up my slipcovers!

My two oldest boys hauling gravel up from the driveway.

Oh MY GOSH....hold your breath....Luke actually got in on the action too! Heber must have bribed him with some candy or money. He carried up 5 buckets of gravel.

Heber's brother and our friend Jared came to help out for the weekend.

Logan loves the power tools!

Here's the BEFORE for where we built the railroad tie steps into the grade along the side of the deck.

DURING---here they are half way done.

The boys doing some Man work...moving big rocks to make a wall.


AFTER-- with the rock wall almost done.



Pine Tree Home said...

Love seeing the changes with your cabin. Looking great.

Jones said...

your pillow talk book looks like it would be such a great help.