Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parson Chairs

Oh my goodness...It's been awhile! I haven't been able to keep up this summer! Here are some parson chairs I did back in June for a client. He had 8 of them, and I absolutely loved his fabric!!!

Parson chairs---BEFORE---great wood legs and shape, he was just tired of the fabric.


Matching on the inside seat seam.

I topstitched the seat seam for extra strength.

I also topstitched the front corners, since the tapered so much onto the top of the seat. I wanted them to lay smooth.

They definitely added a pop to his basement!

SIDE NOTE....This has been my summer! Even though I am exhausted every day, I love my crazy boys and all their friends! Here are some photos of my summer!

Clipper hair cuts---trash bags, goggles, and robes do wonders for not getting itchy!

Zipline in the front yard--installed by the boys and their friends!

Paddle boarding with my man at my family reunion. If you are local to SLC, UT you can rent paddle boards from

 Luke jumping in the kayak solo and paddling around the lake like a big boy!
Old fashioned pic of my kids and their cousins at my family reunion.

Carter jumping off rocks at Lake Utica

Swimming through caves with my boys in Northern Cal.

Boogie boarding with all my friends at Carlsbad State Beach.

Heber finding crabs and an octopus at Carlsbad State Beach.

Our annual family pic at the top of the stairs at Carlsbad State Beach. Another year or two and the boys may be taller than me!

Ran Wasatch Back in June on the Scheels Team.

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Ahna said...

I love these chairs and the fabric is awesome! I am getting ready to slipcover some new bar stools that are very similar. Looks like you've had a fun summer!

Pine Tree Home said...

Great tip on the stitching! The fabric looks really great on those chairs.

Unknown said...

It's great to have you back, love to see your work.