Friday, April 26, 2013

My Office

Well I barely made into the finals of the Sewing contest! Yea! So here's my project for the finals! Please click here to vote!

This room was originally used as a sewing room before we had kids, then it was a nursery for my first baby, then a toddlers bedroom, then a storage room for my work stuff. Now that my new work studio is done, I needed to find a new purpose for this room. My sister in law suggested making it an office. I loved the idea...somewhere to put all the papers, bills, books, craft supplies, etc.

Chair---BEFORE- I picked up this chair from the free pile behind my favorite thrift store in Heber, Ut.  The ottoman I had kicking around. I just picked up the floor lamp from the SLC flea Market last weekend! Camille gave me the black lamp shade--which was a little too fancy for the room, so I slipcovered that too.

AFTER---gray houndstooth on chair. I wanted to keep the detail on the inside back, so I highlighted it with piping.

I debated forever on the pillow!!!! I ended up making it reversible with my two favorite options. Pieced on the front with mustard piping, and chevron on back.

I got my curtain fabric from

I went with a self lined 5.5" skirt with kick pleats on corners. I liked the shorter skirt on this chair.

I went with a black fabric with white chenille textured pull out the black in the curtains.

I picked up some accessories at the local thrift stores. I love all the industrial stuff.

I slipcovered the chevron lampshade on the desk. I picked up both set of bookshelves from the thrift store as well as the mirror.

I got the desk off, I like rustic mixed with industrial. I wanted to bring some dark wood into the space.

close up of piping detail and pieced pillow.

I got my rug from Rugs USA

Don't forget to vote! There are gift cards for fabric and patterns for the prizes.....and I would love to WIN! Thanks

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Korrie@RedHenHome said...

Congrats on making it this far! I voted for you ;-)

car54 said...

You did such a good job.

I love the chevron lampshade. Did you do it in panels to get the chevrons to work all around that sloping curve? It's very cool.

RaeAnna Goss said...

So funky and fun!!!! I've loved seeing your creations each week!

Slipcovers by Shelley said...

The Chevron lampshade....I took darts in three spots, making sure to do them in the middle of a "V" so the pattern matched.

So Shabby Pink said...
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So Shabby Pink said...

I erased my original post. I used the word "idol" and somehow, it gave me the creeps! :-) I ADMIRE your skill and strive quite frequently to get better. You inspired me to do some slipcovers and am almost finished!

Congratulations on winning first place with Nap Time! Love visiting here!


Jill said...

Found you through the Empty Nest blog! Would love to win your DVD so I can cover my nice but homely ORANGE leather wing chairs!! ;-)