Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gray/Yellow Bedroom Chair and Ottoman

My client had this great comfortable chair and a mismatched  cheetah ottoman. She wanted to redo them so they'd match her newly decorated bedroom---which is BEAUTIFUL!


 Chair--AFTER- She told me to do it however I thought was best. With the large print, I didn't want to break up the pattern, so I decided to do a waterfall skirt.

I loved all her bed pillows--eclectic and no two are the same.

Of course there was matching involved.

 I love how bright and airy the room looks.

 She also had 2 scrolled back parson chairs for her desk area.  I chose to keep it tight around the front and a waterfall skirt in the back to keep the pattern from being broke up. Plus we were limited on fabric. 3 1/2 yds per chair with that large repeat.

I had to do seams down the front corners, because the fabric wasn't wide enough to make it all the way around. Blind hem around the bottom.

SIDE NOTE #1- Brooke's front room is coming along, we purchased all our main pieces off, used of course-- we moved everything in, so I could get the scale and vision what else we need. We also ordered curtain and pillow fabric. I am super excited, but now we have to wait a week for the fabric to arrive.

 The green wall will be painted white to match the other walls, and we are hoping to do a large mirror over the couch.

Curtain fabric---we wanted a pop of yellow in the room.

SIDE NOTE #2-- It feels like spring here in Utah! I know everyone else is taking the brunt of the winter for us. We are enjoying 50-60 degree days in FEBRUARY!!! Normally we are in the 30's.

 My boys have been busy making ramps and skateboarding out front with all the neighbor boys.

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Michelle Jensen said...

Awe you are from Utah too :) I love the slip covers!!! They look beautiful and the room is gorgeous. I'm a little jealous because mine looks NOTHING like that one :) Hey thats okay maybe one day. Wonderful for you to share. I am going to tackle my chair one day thanks to all your awesome stuff! said...

I am just crazy about that bedroom chair and ottoman. So lovely and beautifully done, as usual!

catpal52 said...

As always, your work is beautiful! But I'm really jealous of your weather. Here in Delaware, where our winters are usually moderate, we have just been pounded with snow and frigid temps. We need SPRING!

Rhonda said...

Your bedroom chair & ottoman are beautiful, I love grey and yellow together.

The Grande Design said...

Shelley! You're amazing! Thanks for your work and showcasing our design! The Grande Design hearts Custom Slipcovers By Shelley!!!

The Grande Design said...
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Inspired by you said...

Fabulous! You are so talented!!

kath.g said...

Love it! Would you be able to share any info on the fabric you used? I really like it and looks like it might be perfect for a chair I want slipcovered. Thanks!

kath.g said...
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Slipcovers by Shelley said...

Kath.g both these fabrics are from Hobby Lobby. Take your 40% off coupon!

Twinfibers said...

Beautiful! The chair and ottoman look great in the new fabric. What a great transformation!