Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wood Arm Chair

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 My client picked up this wood armed chair off a local Facebook Yardsale page. She wanted to redo it in a brushed white denim with ties and box pleat skirt.


IMG_5200 Chair--AFTER! Her room was BEAUTIFUL!! It fit right in! We decided to ditch the saggy back cushion and replace it with a 24" down pillow with 1" ruffle.




  I did 1.5" blind hem on the skirt to eliminate bulk. The fabric was a decent weight and with the pleating--self lined wouldn't have worked.



Side note #1--- Many of you know of my bestie, running partner, other half-- Camille about 4 years ago I slipcovered her sectional in a turquoise canvas. She loved it, but it has faded being next to the window and she decided to switch it up! She tested the arm pads 1st with some Navy Rit Dye to see how it would work out. AMAZING!!! She dyed the whole slipcover Navy blue with Rit Dye. Here's her instagram post! It is seriously AMAZING in person. Best idea ever! Now it'll hold up at least a few more years, and every time she washes it she can add some more dye to keep it from looking faded and worn.   photo-2   

Side Note #2-- Last month I turned 40! I decided to plan my own party! Eight of us girls flew to LAX and rented a beach house in Newport beach for 3 nights. BEST TIME EVER! Hot tub, beach, bikes, ferris wheel, treats, naps, and sleeping in!
bikes on the boardwalk at Newport Beach

Side note #3--the week after my bday in LA, my family and I drove to Seattle for my nephews wedding. It was an amazing wedding with the best Dance Party EVER! My boys didn't know what to think watching their mom and dad dance like it was 1999!

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