Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My front room

So the other day, when my kids started school I decided to scrape all the junk off the kitchen floor and mop and wash my slipcovers. My three boys make things pretty gross. Anyhow I realized I have never posted what my furniture looks like underneath my slipcovers. SO here it is.

Front room before

Here is a photo of my room without slipcovers. My nice peach velvet tufted couch I picked up for $13 from Savers (local thrift store). My nice green loveseat is from a yardsale for $20. They two toile arm chairs I picked up from DI (local thrift store) for $10 each and had to have the springs fixed and the legs reglued. My upholsterer told me I might as well reupholster would be the same price. So I hurried to the fabric store and chose this black and white toile. I still wanted to slipcover the chairs to protect them from my little ones.

couch before

Here is a close up of the couch. I really love the tufting and while the slipcovers were washing I was trying to figure out some color scheme that would make the peach color look "cool". Then I gave up because I was remembering my childhood bedroom that my mother decorated in peach and light green. I think I'll stick to the tan slipcover.

loveseat before

This loveseat's fabric is really slick and when you'd sit on the slipcovered loveseat the slipcover would pull and shift way more than normal, so I sewed some velcro onto the seam allowance of the top inside back. Then I staple gunned the other side of velcro to the loveseat itself, now it stays in place perfectly. I love the arms on this piece.

velcro on outside back of loveseat

Muslin slip for couch to keep the velvet from sticking and pulling the slipcover funny

I got tired of the slipcover sticking to the velvet and pulling weird, so I made this underslip out of scraps of muslin.

Front room after

The couch and loveseat are slipcovered in a tan cotton fabric. The chairs are out of white duck cloth. I always like to finish a room off with pillows, so I used some white pottery barn linen napkins to back most of the pillows and pieced the ones on the chairs out of scraps.

couch after

I ended up replacing all the cushions with down. The couch and loveseat are down envelopes  with a foam core (extra support). The chairs are solid down with no foam.

Loveseat after

I did gathered skirts on the couch and loveseat...they are completly different shapes but with the same fabric and skirts they look like a set.

chairs after

I decided to do a short kick pleat skirt on the chairs and let the legs show.

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Andy Porter said...

I totally love your house! Everything in it is so dang cute. I can't stop staring while I'm there!

T*Family said...

I love it!!! Oh how soo cool if I could be as talented as you are. Love your work!!

Pine Tree Home said...

who would have know those beauties have something to hide :)

Kara said...

Wow...your slip covers are absolutely amazing! I love how they're custom, and they fit so perfectly. You must be a very talented sewer!

Great finds on the chairs and couches too...I bet no one realizes what's underneath them!

Joseph's Grainery Recipes said...

I absolutely love the end result! Gorgeous.

KimMalk said...

I really love this room. You'd never know of all of the mismatched pieces underneath. The solutions you used for slipping were so smart.

Ruth H. said...

Oh, I love this! I'm in the process of making my first slipcover on a wing back chair. I couldn't believe how simple it was once I got the hang of it. I'm thinking about doing the entire front room with slips, now.

Fleur de Bee said...

DARLING!! If you are close by to me I would love for you to seriously consider helping me make some slipcovers! I have no time and at this point paying someone else makes more sense lol!

x Molly

Camille said...

I had no idea how ugly those couches were under the slpis covers :) gosh i thought i knew everything about you! You are so awesome!! love it!

Patrice said...

LOVE these covers. I wish I had even an ounce of your sewing talent! Great job!

Remodelaholic said...


I would love to feature this, it is amazing the change!! How pulled together and perfect everything looks. Check out my blog if you have the chance and if you are interested, just reply to this comment!

honeysuckle said...

Your room is lovely. What a difference those slipcovers make. I am loving mine that you made for me. I hate to have to take them off for winter, so I am dragging my feet. Thanks again. I have LOVED them!

Unknown said...

Love your home. Glad you decided to post your pictures of the before look. You are sooooootalented.

Dixie Redmond said...

You make me want to go out right now and buy a couch to slipcover. Wait, I already own a couch that needs slipcovering, and it's FREE. ;-) After Christmas I'd like to order your DVD, so I bookmarked this site.

Sanctuary Home said...

I love your slipcovers! Your room is so cute. Nice work, I wish I had the nerve to try them myself.
Susan : }