Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gloria's Quilted slipcover

This couch was for my client Gloria...who is one of my favorite clients. The first time I met with her I was 6 months pregnant with my second baby, which was 8 years ago! I think we have slipcovered everything in her house...some of it twice. Couch, loveseat, chairs, parson chairs, ottomans, setee, cushions, and of course tons of pillows.

This couch was the first couch they had bought when they got married 30 years ago, she has it sitting on her wrap around porch. She's had quilts draped on it being held together with safety pins.

Finally she called me and wanted to make it permanent. She only had 2 queen size quilts...so I knew it would be tight. I picked up some cream canvas to use for the piping, decking, and on the bottom of the cushions. I had a 6" strip left and that was it.

I utilized the original quilt binding to be the end of the slipcover on the bottom next to the legs.



I love her wrap around porch

Close up of outside arm

Quilt binding on bottom edge

Front of arm


April @ The Painted Cupboard said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! What a great idea to use a quilt! You do such fantastic work Shelley :)

Becky said...

This has to be one of my favorites that you have done! I want that porch!

Katie Gee said...

Wow! I like the quilt idea. It looks so comfortable. Great job Shelley!

Pine Tree Home said...

Beauty. I had a similar sofa that was in a country plaid. Loved the sofa, grew tired of the print. I sold it, but wish I would have had it slipcovered.

Unknown said...

Oh my!! I love it!
You do such a great job and what a porch!!

Amanda M. said...


Chrissie said...

You do beautiful work! This couch was totally transformed!