Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Armless Chair and "How to Slipcover" DVD Giveaway

My client got this chair from Home Goods...she loved the lines and knew she could have it slipcovered for her little boys room. I thought the chair was beautiful...I loved the lines and the tan fabric and the detail seaming on the inside back, but once it was slipcovered it was even more amazing! The blue fabric she used was from Joanns, and we used 3 yards. It was a 45" wide home decor print.

Chair before.

Chair after

I ran piping up along the back, top edge of the front  (made band along the front edge)and followed the original seams going down the inside back .

Here is the front showing the "band" that I matched up.

I loved the dark legs on this chair with the blue fabric.

You can see the piping that I ran down the inside back...I just followed the original stitching on the chair. When in doubt, follow the original lines.

Another after.
Side Note #1-- Sew Can Do is hosting a giveaway for my "How to Slipcover" DVD. Head on over and check it out.  To enter, she's having people leave a comment about one of your first projects.

This wasn't my first project, but it was one of my earlier ones.

When I was in highschool, I decided to make something for my little sister, Angie. I bought some towels (hunter green) and made her a pair of shorts and a be worn after she got out of the shower...kind of like a robe. hahahaha!


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Maria Nissen said...

I love the robe shirt and shorts idea! It shows your creativity at a young age! Love your work, as always. Wish you lived nearby. I have two chairs that I'm dying to do something with. They're like the chair on your Header and I've always wondered how you slipcover chairs with partial wood arms.